Cryptocurrency and its popular other names like digital and virtual assets are the most recent investment trend. They are here to stay, at least for the current decade. They can be used for trading purposes of specific pairs. The trading is on specific portals, which are known as cryptocurrency exchanges.

These exchanges help crypto investors with a glimpse that can help them make important investment decisions. So, they have a huge role to play in your trading experience.

As a beginner in this trading segment, you learned about some trusted platforms and the pretentiously ‘trusted’ ones. So, here you go!

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7 Platforms For Crypto Trading Beginners In 2024

Move forward with this article to explore some accessible crypto trading platforms if you are a beginner in this field of 24-hour trading in 2024.

1. Coinbase – The Obvious One


It is not a guess but more like an obvious thing that an investor tends to hear while planning to invest in cryptocurrency. It is a top-rated platform and is considered the best way to complete exchanges and transactions. The investors enjoy the advantage of USD investments with the help of this portal that initiates dealings in a range of cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, Litecoin, and bitcoin, and the opportunities are available for dealing in 30 more types of tokens and coins through this platform. As soon as you complete the investing activity, you earn token rewards for yourself. You can use them later whenever required.

2. Bitstamp – The Licensed One


If you are interested in being a part of the USD and Euro trading market, this platform is the best way to secure entry into it. It is licensed to operate in these markets. It is emerging as a leading platform and has both on and off-ramp relationships with as many as 15 banks and financial institutions that offer a secured way of guaranteed payment rails. The best part about this platform which makes it a confident option for new investors, is that they can get their hands on pricing data and study it to make a profitable decision. Also, the platform offers quick responsiveness and endless support. Investors can further find dedicated professionals to help them sail through the overall cryptocurrency trading process.

3. BitIQ – The Simplified One is a new entry but has simplified features that add to the user experience. It is an excellent platform for both beginners and advanced players. So, you need not worry if you fear feeling out of place by registering yourself with this one. The target of this platform is not feature-stuffing to add to the efficiency of the tool, adding to the accessible and universal yet minimalistic functioning. However, it focuses on providing all potential investors with software inputs that ensure a seamless experience. Its community is expanding, and if you want a professional to assist you in small steps, too, it’s time for you to turn to this crypto trading platform.

4. Uphold – The Easy One


The next one that all the new investors can consider for better dealings is Uphold. It acts as a simple trading solution as you have the opportunity of buying and sell more than a single digital asset. You need not make a back-back trip every time for the transaction. All you need to do is make an account and begin with the transactions. There are many things that Uphold will particularly help you with, like assisting you with pair trading along with the use of tokens and coins in such cases. Also, this platform follows a widened approach for multiple asset trading, competing to become the best platform for trading.

5. Binance – The Popular One


The next cryptocurrency platform coming your way with an excellent experience in the store is Binance. It is one of the most sought-for platforms for trading in the US. It entered the crypto world in 2017 and has been in the game since then. It is considered the most significant change based on the trading volume and is known to record approximately USD 10 billion transactions in one day. Also, this platform is home to a whopping 20 million customers, and undoubtedly, they are increasing. It is rising high owing to the reviews and rates of its users, and its experience is reliable enough to attract new investors for an applaudable experience.

6. Kraken – The Wider One


It has its home in San Francisco and was founded back in 2011. It has created a niche for itself in all these years and has emerged as a pioneer currency exchange. It is an eminent platform, and many experienced investors vouch for it for its reasons. It is home to more than 6 million investors. Whether you are a resident of San Francisco or not, Kraken is the platform that will help you in digital asset trading at your home. It renders its services to investors in 190 countries. According to Statista, it has made it to the list of the top 50 platforms that customers are considering or should consider while moving forward with such kind of trading.

7. BlockFi – The Unique One


The last one in this article coming up your way is BlockFi. It is an exciting place where you can register and move with lending and buying money and, further, get the interest based on your holdings. If you don’t know what this means, you can understand it by relating it to the concept of regular buying and selling. Standard purchase and sale include the use of tokens and coins. But, on this platform, you can choose your holdings for the borrowing process. Use your tokens to earn more interest, and that’s how you can draw the maximum benefit while trading on this platform. It is unique and helps new investors enjoy a competitive edge in this volatile market.


The new-age investors are intelligent and savvy. These platforms for beginners keep them in a better position while trading in one of the most volatile market assets. Now and then, people are finding ways to invest smartly that turns out to be profitable opportunity for them. And, what’s better than having the back of such platforms that have so much learning, trading, and experience to offer!