Marketers use plenty of techniques to promote their brands or products. However, marketing is costly, and most small brands with a shoestring marketing budget rely on cheaper methods such as promotional products.

The promotional products feature the brand’s logo and colours with the idea being to create awareness. Some commonly used promotional products include tote bags, custom pins, keyrings, pens, and clothing.

This guide will highlight how you can use custom pins to promote your brand. Also included are tips when looking for a manufacturer to help you create custom-branded pins for your brand.

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Hire a Designer

Custom pins from Rocket Badge will stand out from the crowd. You want to create a design that people can tie to your brand or business. You can hire a designer to create mockup designs for how you would love the pins to look.


Ensure that the pins feature your brand’s colours and logo. These two aspects will help people identify your brand. Some companies that manufacture promotional items have a team of in-house designers who can help you fine-tune your original design.

Choose the Right Material

Durability should be key when choosing the right material to make the custom pins. You can get pins made from soft enamel, photo etched, die struck, or offset printed pins. The type of design and material will affect how much it will cost to produce the pins.

Metal pins are durable and the best option, but they are costlier, especially if you have engraved them on the surface. You can also go for wooden custom pins, which are lighter and of great quality. We recommend surveying to determine which material your employees and clients find the best.

Create Different Designs

So, what is your target market? Knowing your clients will help you develop the right designs for your brand’s custom pins. For example, if most of your clients are teenagers, they would like custom pins featuring their favourite superheroes or cartoons.


Also, make designs for different events. You can have the design mentioning the year and location of the fair. Collectors love this and will treasure the pins for years to come. You can also create customer appreciation pins for your best customers of the year.

Plenty of ideas and events can influence the design of your custom pins. All you need to remember is that the designs should be relevant.

Choosing the Right Manufacturer

When choosing the manufacturer, you need to consider a couple of things. First, make sure you read what the contract says regarding deliverables. Also, check what other people say about the manufacturer in the review section.

You should also consider if they have a team of in-house designers. This is essential as they will help you create the designs for free. In addition, they will also help you fine-tune your original design ideas before production.


Last, review the fees. How much are you planning to spend on custom pins? Some manufacturers will give you a good payment plan, so watch out for that.