Drain cleaning is an integral service to prevent major plumbing problems from developing, as it removes food scraps, hair, and soap scum that could clog pipes and cause blockages.

There are various types of drain cleaning methods, and there are advantages and disadvantages specific to each type. Let’s go over some different types of methods.

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1. Hydro-jetting

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With a professional drain cleaning machine, plumbers can use hydro-jetting to clear away even the hardest clogs and debris with ease. This tool consists of a water tank, hose, and nozzle, which can be set at various pressure settings. Additionally, these nozzles can direct spray forward or back for fuller coverage.

Licensed plumbers will choose an optimal nozzle depending on the problem and pipe size, which is especially useful on sewer lines to remove obstructions without risking pipe damage!

Hydro-jetting offers several advantages over more conventional methods for clearing clogs in hard-to-reach places, such as your yard or sewage system. It can effectively eliminate bad smells caused by bacteria buildup in your plumbing system and remove bad odors caused by their buildup. When employed appropriately, it can avoid damaging older pipes altogether.

2. Power rodding

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Hydro-jetting and drain snakes can be effective ways of unclogging hair and foreign object clogs near the drain opening. However, when an obstruction extends deeper into your plumbing pipes, they won’t do the trick. For these situations, power rodding may be your plumber’s go-to solution.

This method involves inserting a metal cable equipped with a metal cutting tool into plumbing pipes and using an external motor to turn both components. Once attached, this combination can be used to both dislodge obstructions caused by fibrous tree and plant roots and clear them away more effectively than traditional methods alone.

This method also has the advantage of being more economical than high-powered drain cleaning machines and more environmentally benign than chemical solutions.

Regular sewer and drain rodding helps your drains run more smoothly by clearing away blockages that might otherwise form and helps eliminate unpleasant odors coming from them.

Drain cleaning is important

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Professional plumbers suggest having your drains professionally cleaned every few years to maintain good pipe condition and avoid expensive repair or replacement costs in the future.

Furthermore, regular drain maintenance helps your sewer line handle waste flow effectively, meaning your drains should last much longer with proper care. You can prevent pipe corrosion and other issues by scheduling professional drain cleaning services regularly.

Hydro-jetting and power rodding are two excellent methods of keeping your drains clear quickly and efficiently. They offer superior performance to chemical cleaners, which can be environmentally damaging.

Choosing the best option means employing a professional to inspect your plumbing system to recommend the most cost-effective and speedy solution. Allowing a professional plumber to take care of your drain cleaning also ensures that no further problems will develop and can give you peace of mind knowing your pipes are in safe hands.