An old saying goes: my home is my castle. The main point of the proverb is the coziness, uniqueness, and safety of your home, both emotional and physical. The time when all the doors could be left open are far from history now, and all of us have certain concerns about the security of the things that we keep in our apartments and of the lives of our kids, parents, siblings, and other family members.

That is why people are thinking of installing security systems more often now. They see the advertising of these systems on the Internet, on TV, on billboards, read them in printed media, and hear about it on the radio. Their favorite bloggers talk about such systems. However, these systems are often quite costly, and that is why common people are more likely to use DIY home security systems with no monthly fee (check SecuringHome).

That is true that paying money and having no points to worry about is much more convenient. You pay money, and professionals do their best. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford this. Here is where one must be involved in the process themselves. One can doubt if that is possible to provide their house with an efficient security system.

However, DIY Home Security Systems can provide one with the opportunity to track personal safety themselves. Such systems might be self-installed and self-monitored, which is the least expensive option and the most convenient for those who want to control all the processes. The other option of DIY Systems is self-installed and professionally monitored, which is less risky and takes fewer efforts.

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DIY Home Security Systems: Variety of Choice


Even though DIY Systems has not become the most popular yet, the industry is rapidly growing, and people are getting interested in the topic by the day. It might seem surprising, but the market of such systems is already quite wide; that is why to outline the key benefits and drawbacks, one needs to have a close look at some of the most famous examples.

Provided that all these DIY home security systems are similar in functioning and installation, we will cover a pair of examples of security systems, which provide the owner with the opportunity to establish effective control over their property from any point around the globe, with no red tape and extra fees. Moreover, the elements are wire-free and can be installed by means of adhesive, so you do not need to drill, clinch, etc.

Scout Alarm


Basic benefits: The self-installed and self-monitored system allows controlling the house with the help of any smartphone or other mobile device. In case anything is out of the ordinary, the owner gets notifications immediately. An additional pro is that each room can be screened separately. As for the interface, it is absolutely user-friendly. One needs no additional tools to install the systems and will set it up in the course of a few minutes. The advantages of the system include a simple but stylish device that fits almost any house.

How it works: Having installed Scout App, one gets a remote control for their house in their pocket. The basic functions include the possibility to check all sensor activities, to create a script of reactions depending on possible situations, to install auto-alert in case you cannot be reached at the moment, to switch the system off and on remotely, and to call the police in case it is needed.


Scout Alarm Set: The basic element is the Hub, which is a small device similar to a Wi-Fi router, which provides constant wireless communication between all the sensors installed in the house and your control device (a smartphone, laptop, or whatever). The Hub can also sound a siren in case of an emergency. The second element is the Door Panel, which uses an RFID scanner to check if the doors are open or closed and help to allow or prohibit the opportunity to open the doors. The third element is the Access Sensor, which can be mounted on almost anything, including doors, windows, drawers, and cabinets. This also allows monitoring temperature in the room. The fourth element is the Monitor Sensor with 90 degrees of field of view, which can monitor motions at a 25ft range no matter if it’s night or day. The fifth element is the 1080p HD live Indoor Camera, which can record and store video from your house. Last but never least is the Water Sensor, which can help to avoid overflowing the flat, which is a frequent problem according to the annual CSO report.



Basic benefits: The self-installed and professional monitored system allows you to keep each room in your house safe from invaders, water, fire, or other unwanted guests. Moreover, a specially developed system distinguishes between pets and humans, so you will not get disturbed each time your dog tries to enter the house.

The other benefit is that the sensors are designed to disappear in your house, no more ugly red boxes on the ceiling. No need to recharge every week or month, the batteries last for about a decade. In addition, systems can be controlled by means of Alexa, Apple Watch, Google Assistant, or other systems. Last but never least, the company provides one with a 60 days free trial period. You can return a device with a 100% refund.

How it works: You can use a special App to monitor the situation. In addition, a monitoring center is available for a small fee but with no red tape.


SimpliSafe Set: The functional elements are broadly similar to the ones in the previous brand. The Base Station and Wireless Keypad are the basic elements used to configure and control all the other elements. The Entry Sensor controls the doors and windows. The Motion Sensor works in the same way. SimpliCams can be put throughout the house and watched online from any device. The Glassbreak Sensor is a new element, which reacts to the sound of breaking windows, but not the smashed cups. Panic Button is the element that you can use being, say, in the shower without your smartphone, and hearing the intruder in the next room. One can also use a Smoke Detector, Carbon Monoxide Sensor, Temperature Sensor, and Water Sensor to avoid life-threatening situations. Another interesting element to buy is the Key Fob, which works right as the car’s key fob.


Buying one’s own house or carrying out a full-scale renovation is a serious step, which evokes a new kind of feeling. Understanding the volume of the resources put in the process, one vies to make sure that this house is safe and efficient, especially after reviewing the FBI burglary report. DIY Home Security System is an affordable solution for anyone.

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