No matter what your home décor preferences are, you should always try to keep the hardware in line with the rest of the design elements. This law applies to almost all the major door hardware including handles, locks, pulls and knobs. Sadly, door handles are an often neglected yet important home décor element that adds so much to the overall appearance that one should never overlook it at any cost.

According to RocheHardware, when it comes to interior decoration, the only thing that comes into our mind is the basic décor. Generally, we focus on paint, furnishings and good upholstery. However, the small detailing like the color and material of your doors and even the hardware used on top of them can amplify the overall look of your house.

Apart from selecting good-quality door knobs and handles, it is also important to pick the options that best blend with the overall décor of your house. Further, it’s essential to select a good store, from where you can get the best handles and other products at a cheap price, Hiatt Hardware has a lot of affordable options from which you can choose. For instance, if you have, say, selected a contemporary décor but purchased classic knobs or handles for your home, it will obviously look out of place and ill-assorted.

Below you will find some of the ways that can help you select the perfectly-matched top-notch door hardware for your doors.

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How to Select the Right Type of Door Handle for Your Home

Door handles come in a variety of shapes, sizes and materials. Depending on your theme and requirements you can pick one that will add value to your décor.

The Style

Your door handle should perfectly match the overall theme and styling of your house. Also, make sure to consider the type, color and design of door before selecting a handle or knob for it. If you’ve selected a traditional design, then picking unique and unconventional will ruin your house aesthetics. Similarly, if you’ve taken a bold and modern décor, then a straight and typical chrome door handle may not act as a perfect contrast.

Also, make sure to take your door designs into account. Many times homeowners prefer the same door designs throughout their home. In this particular situation, you can either opt for a similar door handle design to bring coherence or can also opt for different designs to add design edge and differentiate your rooms.


There is no denying the fact that the basic purpose of doors inside your home is to make it more secure and protected. The selection of the door handles should also be based on this basic principle. If security and protection is the biggest concern then you should always opt for mortice locks. These locks are up to 5 times stronger than a traditional tubular latch and includes an integrated deadbolt.

Interior Hardware in Use

Before selecting handles or knobs for your doors, it is important to pay attention to the use of each door in your home. For instance, if you have someone elderly at home, you should opt for door levers instead of knobs. Also, people with disabilities should select levers as they are relatively easier to deal with.


This is certainly one of the most important steps. Once you’ve resolved the kind of hardware you want to install, it’s time now to determine the function.  For closets, you can select a non-locking option preferably a passage knob or a lever. Similarly, you should pick privacy or locked knobs and handles for your bedrooms and bath areas.

The Environment

When it comes to door handles or knobs, there are hundreds of options available. So, be ready to spend some time researching. The paint you have selected for your house also plays a significant role in the selection of your door hardware. For example, brass or bronze may look good in a warm-toned house. Similarly, if you’ve selected cooler tones, you should opt for stainless steel or porcelain choices.

In addition to that, if you live in the tropical regions or if your house is located near the beach, then your door handles has to be able to bear the climatic elements. In this situation, try to stick to the safer options like marine grade stainless steel handles that are salt resistant and durable. Handles that comes with micronised finish can be a good option too especially for internal doors as they can withstand corrosion better than any other available alternates.

Post-Purchase Care and Warranty

Although it may sound technical to some of you, it’s very important to consider the post-purchase care factor and warranty options in mind before purchasing door hardware for your home. According to RocheHandle, be very careful when choosing your door hardware as not all of them are equal. Always look for the options that come with good warranty plans.


Even the best product will look ugly if you have not installed it with perfection. Thus, it’s important that you decide beforehand whether you’ll install handles on your own or seek professional assistance for utmost finish.

Your Budget

Based on your preferences, make sure to allot a reasonable budget for your door hardware. Keep in mind, door hardware is a long-term investment and compromising on quality in order to save just a few extra bucks will get you nowhere. Luckily, there are ways you can save money on installation as there are hundreds of online tutorials and DIY videos that can help you install your expensive hardware with perfection without hiring a handyman.

Up Your Game

Lastly, you can up your game by accessorizing your front door. You can do this by including matching door stops and holders, switch plates, artistic knockers and door bells. Keep in mind, the possibilities are endless and all you need to do is to spark your creativity to build a home of your dreams.

Now you have a better idea of all the possible options and what specific elements are required when buying a handle or knob for your door, you can obviously make a well-informed decision knowing you’re ready and well-prepared.