Did you know that altering the shape and size of your eyes can dramatically change your facial appearance? Not that there’s anything wrong with eye shapes, but if you are aesthetically inclined to beauty, you may notice that eyes that are bigger can help a person look younger and alert. On the contrary, eyes with eyelids that do not have a crease when open come out tiny and may make a person look sleepy or inattentive.

The Internet will lead you to more than a dozen beauty websites that will give you tips on how to get those peepers to look bigger, but it can be disappointing to know that these techniques do not last for a lifetime. This means that a repeat application of whichever method you choose daily and, of course, this will also take away some of your precious time. For this reason, a great number of Singaporeans with eyes that have single eyelids, or monolids, have turned to a procedure called Blepharoplasty to achieve double eyelids.

Blepharoplasty, otherwise known as double eyelid surgery, is one of the most popular aesthetic treatments done at Shens Clinic and other premium cosmetic clinics in Singapore. The procedure may sometimes be needed for medical reasons and not just cosmetic ones.

In this article, we are focusing on double eyelid surgery done for aesthetic purposes. Here are some facts that you need to know if you feel like Singapore is the best place to get this surgery done.

You can choose one out of three methods for doing a double eyelid surgery

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There are three ways to do a double eyelid surgery: the Buried Suture Method, the Partial Incision Method, and the Full Incision Method.

If you prefer to undergo aesthetic Blepharoplasty without getting any incisions and minimal scarring, then the Buried Suture Method is perfect for you. It is done by making several small punctures in the skin of the eyelid where the crease is supposed to be, followed by the placement of sutures through these tiny holes. Once the sutures are in place, they are pulled and tightened to obtain the desired eyelid fold. The sutures will stay in place and will remain there permanently. This procedure can be reversed and is only recommended for people who will not require any skin or fat removal from the eyelids.

The Partial Incision Method for double eyelid surgery is performed using both the Buried Sutured and Full Incision techniques. In this operation, small incisions are made on only one-third part of the length measured (about 3 to 4mm) for the eyelid crease. Through this incision, fats that impede the creation of the crease are harvested from the eyelid, followed by the closure of the cut using sutures.

The Full Incisional Method was not a top choice among patients before because of the high probability of scarring after a procedure. However, surgeons have learned to master this craft and now use specific techniques to totally avoid scarring. This type of double eyelid operation involves cutting through the full measured length where the eyelid line is targeted to be placed. Next, the doctor removes unnecessary fats, skin tissue and muscles altogether. Then the levator muscle is sewn to the dermal layer in order to create a natural-looking eyelid fold.

Your results will not be immediately obvious

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Whichever of the three techniques you choose for your double eyelid surgery, the duration in which the end results cannot be clearly seen right after your operation. One should expect to see inflammation and bruises in the operated area as soon as the surgery is completed. It will take about a month for your skin to recover from this.

Your desired double eyelid will look more natural and the eyes fully recovered, at most, in the third month following the surgery. The way your eyes look will continue to improve and you can enjoy its life changing end result in the succeeding six to twelve months.

You will need to prepare not only for some time off, but also for extra money

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Having an operation overseas will need thorough preparations. First, you need to consider the time you need to set aside for your entire trip. Included here is the time for travel to Singapore and back, and also the length of period recommended by the clinic for your stay. This entire period should cover the time you undergo the double eyelid surgery and recovery. While the procedure itself will only take under an hour, you will need time to rest and recover. If stitches were used, note that these should be taken out before your return trip. Generally, stitches are removed, at most, a week following the eyelid alteration.

Once you get an idea about the time of your stay in Singapore for your surgery, start to count the cost.

The cost of double eyelid surgery begins from $2,500 to $4,500. The pricing of a double eyelid surgery in Singapore differs from clinic to clinic as this is influenced by several factors, such as

  • The type of method used for the surgery
  • The surgeon’s experience
  • The location of the clinic
  • The equipment and facility used for the operation
  • The complexity of the patient’s case.

Search for a clinic and get a quotation, so you can estimate your budget for the surgery alone.

Next, scout for an accommodation. Operating on your eyelid will only take a day, so hospital stay is not a question. Instead, book for a place to stay as you recuperate after the surgery and also as you wait out for a week for the stitches to be pulled out in case your procedure requires the use of sutures. Be sure that your accommodation is all set before your scheduled surgery as it will be a hassle to find one after when you should already be resting. Add the cost of your lodging to your projected expenses.

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Of course your trip to get your desired eyelid crease will not be realized unless you have booked yourself an airline ticket to your country of destination. Aside from the budget you will need for booking a roundtrip ticket, also allot a budget for your ground transportation.

Eating healthy meals as you recover is important, so be sure to have enough money for meals as well as extra for contingency. Some people also hire translators to make communicating with their doctors easier.

Beauty comes at a price as the saying goes, especially when it comes to desiring to get your procedure overseas. If money is of no concern, then those eyes may just concentrate on focusing on the prize – some quick aesthetic alterations that can change your life forever.