With the latest expansion in WoW, everyone has jumped right in to explore what it has to offer. In this MMORPG game, you have a lot to do but when it comes to dungeons and exploration of them there is nothing better than new content.

Dungeons are a huge part of WoW and the player base enjoys these. They are a great source of loot and a great way to level up so in a game like this you should be aware that these are the first thing you rush toward. Every expansion that came for WoW had good and bad dungeons and had easy and hard as well. Shadowlands has 8 new dungeons and the article today will try to tell you a bit about them and which one is considered easy and which is hard to do.

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Now without any more ado let’s try and rank those 8 new dungeons from Shadowlands and see where you might have fun and where you will need to work for your loot!

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1. Plaguefall

Source: wowhead.com

According to some info, and a personal perspective there is a lot that players hate about Plaguefall dungeon. It is not particularly difficult dungeon to do if you have a good team, but in most cases, you will see it riddled with group-wide dots and damage and if you are a healer class you will have your work cut out for you. Another thing that is reported is that DPS isn’t working in this dungeon. Breaking out of attacks, dodging them, breaking enemies out of stealth and so on isn’t quite working as intended. The story of this dungeon is lame and we don’t think you would like it at all. It all comes down to killing, avoiding obvious damage and you will win. Nothing too exciting to report back there.

2. Halls of Atonement

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This is another very forgettable dungeon in Shadowlands. IT is forgettable solely because all its bosses are very easy and don’t provide any challenge at all. We sort of have mixed feelings about this dungeon, there is nothing bad in it but there is nothing good as well. The best thing about it is the fact that it is on the shorter side of dungeons, so if you didn’t like it as much as we didn’t you will not suffer for long.

3. Necrotic Wake

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We are working toward more fun and more demanding dungeons. Right now with Necrotic Wake, we are at the OK level. The beginning of this dungeon may put you off at first but after everything else is fine. Bosses in this dungeon are not that difficult and if your group is good you will fly through it like nothing. You will need to work together with smart and you will have fun here for sure.

The Dungeon story is OK and one of the bosses has a meat hook gimmick that is cool. The battlefield background where you have Angels vs skeletons is cool as well and one instance where you are flown up in acropolis is awesome, the only thing that would make it truly remarkable is a bit tougher bosses.

4. Spires of Ascension

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This is a very long dungeon, or at least it feels like the longest one. As far as difficulty and fun in it we would rate it with an average score. Some will see it easier some may be on the difficult side it all depends on which class you run in there. This is another dungeon that has angels flying you from platform to platform where you fight the next round of baddies. The only issue in this dungeon is that you are not having any control over your character when you are flying and that the actual flying mechanic is rather slow. Maybe this is one of the factors that add up to this dungeon feeling so long. Bosses are easy to handle and the trash deals a lot of AOE damage so overall it is a mid to low demanding dungeon.

5. Sanguine Depths

Source: wowhead.com

This is a very short one but it has visually obvious mechanics which is remarkable. Bosses are a bit more difficult and they will require a lot of movement from you if you want to beat them. The theme is a prison break that most players like. You have to save a Naru and once you acquired them you get a special ability that will allow you to progress further. This one is really a fun and short dungeon overall, and it will require a certain amount of skill and know-how to beat it so come prepared.

6. Mists of Tirna Scithe

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Most players will, or probably already hate this dungeon the first time they run it. The Lost Woods is the part that deals a lot of pain to many players, but as you try it over and over and as you learn how to deal with Lost Woods you will start loving this instance. It is a uniquely designed dungeon with only three bosses. The trash can get tiring at certain points the bosses are there to bring some fun and make you move a bit more. The boss fights are full of fun mechanics, they make you work together as a group, there is some guessing included all serving a purpose – defeating the bosses. The theme of this dungeon is also fun and moving through a deteriorating forest that is slowly being consumed adds to your play style for sure.

7. Theatre of Pain

Source: youtube.com

Now this dungeon is hardcore one for one because of being in Maldraxis which is metal to the core. The other thing making this dungeon awesome is the idea of hosting it in the Colosseum. The utilization of space in this dungeon is remarkable with all three wings of the dungeon being unique for themselves having their enemies and mechanics which correspond to each boss in each wing.

This just adds up to the enjoyment here but you also have to know that you will need to move a lot here and work for that win and loot. A good group that knows what to do and when to do is imperative here.

8. De Other Side

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Most don’t like this dungeon but we think that many of the strengths that this dungeon has vastly outweighed its weaknesses. It is a fairly straightforward dungeon with three wings you need to go through and each wing is unique with special trash and scenery. The bosses at the end of each wing are pretty different and are difficult for most. You will have to work hard and do different things like trampoline jumping, laser dodging, bomb defusing, power siphoning and more if you want to beat this dungeon. All in all, a decent dungeon with some demanding bosses and with plenty of fun because of the mechanics and the diversity of things you will run into.