You need to plan your trips if you want to enjoy the time that you will spend there. If the plan is not there, you won’t know when to do what and which places to visit first. Furthermore, planning will also help you with the number of days that you will need for your trip.

If you are good at planning, it will be a wonderful experience for you no matter where you go. In case this is your first trip and you are not sure where to go and for how many days you will be going. So if you are in such a situation, you will need a tour planner.

Although there are tour guides at every tourist attraction, they will tell you about the information about that place. However, they won’t be planning the whole trip or they might (if they are eager to do that).

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Hiring a tour planner

Another option is for you to hire a tour planning company. There are tourism companies that not only guide you throughout your trip but also plan your whole trip. One such company is here for you, click here and you will discover things about them.


They will provide you with all the information that you will need for your France trip. Furthermore, trusting them is easier because they have been in business for the last 28 years. And if this does not seem to help you much, they have also won the “LUX life” award for travel and tourism in 2019. Therefore, you can trust them with your trip while you go home and pack your stuff. You can leave planning to them. And of course, if you want to change something, you can discuss it with them.

Do it yourself

The second option that you have is to do all the planning by yourself. This is a better option if you want to spend some quality time. The reason is that you will be able to decide whether you want to visit a place or not. And how much time do you want to spend somewhere?

However, you will need all the necessary information about the place where you are going. This includes information about the number of tourist attractions that are there. Moreover, you will also need to know about the number of days you will need. Although there is no such condition but if you are traveling far away, a 2-day trip won’t suffice. That is why you will need to look at this aspect too.

So here, we will help you with such details that you will need before planning your trip to Loire Valley.

About Loire Valley

It is located in the middle of France and comprises 800 km2 of area. The most interesting thing here is that it is also the biggest area that has ever been included in the World Heritage list of UNESCO for list of heritage sites in France.

Apart from the heritage site, it is simply beautiful and has amazing scenery to enjoy. You will get to enjoy the perfect blend of elegance, nature and history. There are small medieval towns with castles, similar to the ones that we see in fairytales, having stunning gardens. In addition to this, you will get to enjoy delicious food too.

The right time to visit

There is a time for everything to bloom. Similarly, there is a time to see the best scenery of a place. As for the Loire Valley, the best time to visit is from April to October. This is the time when you will be able to experience the blooming flowers of Spring. So if you are there during Spring time, you should add Chateaux’s garden to your list.

The Summer weather reaches around 25 degrees and the winter 7 degrees. This weather might not seem much to people living in hot and humid regions. However, for some people, this will be a very hot and cold temperature.

Furthermore, if there is one season that you should always skip, it is winter. You won’t be able to enjoy the beautiful scenery. Furthermore, the blend of nature and history won’t be much appealing at that time.

Go self-drive

If you choose to have a road trip, you will surely love it. A road trip in France is not only fun but also lets you have the most memorable adventures. Instead of choosing public transport, you will be able to visit more places on a self-drive. This will let you see the medieval towns and also the stunning chateaux garden.


In case you are having trouble with the car, you can always book one. You don’t need to have your personal car there. Renting cars is pretty common there because it is a hotspot for tourists. Therefore, you will easily find online booking sites that will let you have the car.

Your itinerary

When you are making a plan, you need to know how many places you would like to visit. So here is a list of what your itinerary might look like.

  1. Visit at least one of the main cities
  2. At least one or two medieval towns
  3. Check out the list of popular castles and choose the ones that you would like to go to
  4. Make sure to visit one caste which is not popular and is off the tourist track. This will let you see the rare beauty. Furthermore, you will be able to take beautiful pictures because there won’t be any rush there.
  5. If you want to experience something unique and pleasing, one stay in any of the hotels of Chateau is a must.
  6. A few outdoor activities.

You can decide the number of days depending on your plan. If you want to enjoy your trip, you should plan a 5-day trip. This will let you experience the most beautiful sites peacefully. Because you won’t be in a hurry to go to the next one.