Boxing used to be a huge sport in the United States and across the world. It is why the Rocky series of movies is so popular and is constantly replaying on television.

But as time progressed, the Ultimate Fighting Championship became more popular. Perhaps because athletes have advanced into being quicker, stronger, and more well-versed. It allows for some great UFC predictions as people are totally vested in the sport that is no longer new or emerging but seems like it could find great growth.

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Early Adapters


Video games can only be a help for the UFC. EA Sports has put out multiple UFC titles, and that is due, in part, to the popularity of the sport, and it is the only one of its kind, really. It gives some more awareness to casual fans to learn who the different fighters are and the different mechanics of the sports.

It has been beneficial for EA Sports, too, because they essentially have the exclusive – and certainly the best – game on the market. So they are able to refine things, negotiate different deals with UFC, and are able to perfect and improve various movements.

It is a great learning tool for people who are trying to get into the sport and creates a sense of knowledge-building and trust.

Group Usage


One of the things UFC has done is created a market where people gather together because the fights are all pay-per-view (PPV). A group of people will get together to watch the fights, and all split the fee to make the costs go down.

Video games can provide a similar experience. If one person buys the UFC video game, they can host a bunch of people at their house for a party and play the video game when they are waiting for the next fight, either for a mega day of UFC or on an off weekend where there are not big headliners.

It can create a sense of camaraderie among friends and really develop better brand awareness for UFC as a whole. It can lead to different discussions, some friendly bets and some various tournaments – either watching fighters as computers or friends taking over and competing against one another.

Brand Awareness


There are a lot of different brands associated with the sporting world, and UFC is no different. Those brand partners are often in games by paying a fee or negotiating with the game developers.

But fighters can develop their own brands. Being able to engage a community in the online world of streaming is a great opportunity for those fighters to show who they truly are.

There is often a negative connotation to fighting. They are often viewed as viscous because of the things they say at a weigh-in or leading up to a big fight. It is all part of the sport and is something they sign up for when they pursue that career.

Being able to humanize themselves to a community of fans and strangers is a great way to develop a brand, though. A lot of athletes have side hustles or different businesses, and some fighters are no different.

Streaming gives them a platform to build a community of supporters and sell their clothing line, using it as a way to gain more sponsors outside the ring or whatever other brands they associate with.

Giving that personal connection to make the viewers and fans feel like they are special and getting an exclusive experience is something that can easily be done through streaming and playing video games, whichever games they may be.

Beneficial To Play


There are a lot of beneficial reasons for people to play video games. Among them is communication skills. While fighting is generally one on one in the ring, there are plenty of conversations while training for big fights, whether in the weight room or perfecting skills in the octagon.

Being a better communicator can go a long way in sharpening the other skills needed to develop as a champion. Playing video games can also improve someone’s decision-making and builds on their hand-eye coordination, which is very important in fighting.