Mountain biking is one of the most adventurous ways to get connected with nature. You can get rid of your stress with just one trip to the mountain. Biking in the wilderness can be thrilling with many health benefits. But it has its flip sides as well.

You may be all by yourself when mountain biking and assistance may not be within easy reach. For this reason, you need to remain extra careful for your own safety.

You need to keep some essential things in your backpack even if you are an occasional mountain biker. But first, let’s discuss why you need these things.

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The Importance of Safety

Having a top-notch bike is important. These bikes are more adept at dealing with rigid conditions. Even if you carry spare parts in your backpack, wrecking your frame is close to game over. Hence, a good reliable bike is essential.

For instance, you can consider an electric bike. Click here to learn more about the best available models on the market right now.

Furthermore, you will be far from human habitation and you’ll be less likely to get any help anytime soon. The only help you will get is from yourself.

Carrying essential things can turn out to be a lifesaver as it has been for countless mountain bikers over the years. But you have to be smart while carrying these things.

The golden rule is to carry light. You’ll lose mobility if you are carrying too many things. Carrying too few things is also dangerous. You need to carry “enough” things. You have to maintain a delicate balance and this article will tell you exactly how you can do that.

Here’s a list of essential things that you should pack before you go on your mountain biking adventure:

1. Hydration Pack


You need a hydration pack for carrying your things. You can either get a shoulder pack or the waist pack. Check if the pack has enough space to carry your essential things. But do remember to check the quality of the pack first.

2. Water Bottles


Mountain biking can gas you out pretty fast. You need to carry at least two bottles with you. One should have clean water in it and you should fill another one with an electrolyte energy drink. Your hydration packs should have two bottle sections.

3. Spare Tube


Spare tubes are a great accessory even if you are running tubeless. When you have a flat tire and getting a hard time setting it up, spare tubes are your savior. Furthermore, if you have a gash or bad cut, you can use spare tubes to stop the bleeding.

4. GPS


GPS is great for finding trails. You can get brief details on what roads you are facing next with your current location. But don’t stress your phone over GPS. You need to save your phone’s battery as much as you can, especially if you’re out riding by yourself.

5. Power Lock


You need power locks to fix your chain. Lining up the pins can be a difficult task. Especially using a tool and screw. With power locks, you can easily link your chains with a snap. Even if you lose a pin, power locks can keep the chains straight.

6. Multi-Tool


A multi-tool is used for repairing loose joints. If you are going to make trailside repairs, there’s nothing better to have with you because there are so many tools in this compact thing. This tool is great for fixing chains, tightening bolts, and shifting issues.

7. Mini Pump


Mini pumps are more reliable than CO2 tanks. You can’t tell if the tank is full or empty even if it’s sealed. These pumps are small and take less space in your hydration pack. However, it’s a little bit difficult to refill your tires with a mini pump.

8. Patch Kit


Patch kits can fix your tire if you are running a tubeless bike. When you hit a bad bump or suffer from a puncture, use patch kits to stop air from leaking out of your tire(s). Carry at least two patch kits in your pack because mountains can be unpredictable.

9. Wet Wipes


Carry a set of wet wipes in your pack. Put it in a zip lock bag so that it does not take much space. You need to clean your cuts with a wet wipe if you don’t want any infection. Furthermore, wet wipes are great for many other uncalled-for emergency situations as well.

10. Protein Bars


You need to have a source of nutrition if you are lost. Protein bars are filled with every necessary nutrition you need for emergency situations. The goal is to survive and protein bars will keep you energized. Keep two to three protein bars with you.

11. Compass


You can either get a digital compass or an analog one. The best option is to install a compass app on your phone. But that does not mean you should not carry an analog compass. You would want to preserve your phone’s power by using it as sparingly as possible.

Moreover, you may lose access to a compass in the event that your phone dies. So it’s always good to keep an analog compass as your backup.

12. ID Band


ID bands are becoming popular among mountain bikers. Biking is a laborious activity and getting a dizzy head is not uncommon. Your ID band carries all your information and whenever someone finds you, they will have all the information to make a 911 call on you.

13. Super Glue


You’ll be needing super glue in your pack for many reasons. It can fix things that break. Super glue dries quickly and holds a bond quick enough to get you to a safe place. For a line of glues that range from industrial strength to consumer use, check

14. Zip Ties


You need zip ties if you break or tear something. It’s a great addition to your essential things and it does not eat up much space either. Zip ties are cheap, simple, light, and much needed when you have an issue on the trail.

15. Tire Levers


It is difficult to remove the tires if you have a flat or busted tire. Either way, you need to change your tubeless with a tube. But the possibility of damaging your tire while replacing trying to replace it is actually quite real.

Hence, you should pack some tire levers to safely replace your tires if you need to. Keep two sets of levers in your pack.


Those are the top fifteen essential things that you should absolutely carry in your hydration pack if you want to stay safe on every single mountain biking adventure.

Each of the objects listed here will help you in and out of the trail safely, without overburdening you. So make sure that you conscientiously pack everything on this list and have an absolutely breathtaking adventure! We would like to wish you the best for your next mountain ride!