Have you just started your own business? Have sales in your existing company started picking up? Do you ship a lot of goods in pallets? Having a streamlined packaging process is key to maintaining effective customer service and keeping expenses in line.

That said, it’s no wonder then that many small business owners are opting to introduce quality pallet wrappers into their packaging processes. Proving once again that these versatile machines can be used anywhere.

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What is a Pallet Wrapper?

Since many businesses have online stores that offer shipping across the country (or even the world), it has become more important than ever to invest in a durable and safe packing solution. That keeps your company competitive. This has made wrapping products an important activity.

Of course, someone (or something) has to wrap these products in pallet wrap. While it’s true that people can do it, this option has proven to be slow and often results in wasted materials. Fortunately, there is a wide range of machines that can perform the wrapping process in a fraction of the time and at the same time it creates less waste.

These machines are called pallet wrappers. Since they can easily be configured or modified, you’re bound to find one that works to your unique wrapping needs.

Why Every Business Need a Pallet Wrapper

Why Every Business Need a Pallet Wrapper

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When you’re first setting up your business, you may think that a pallet wrapper is an expensive investment—especially in the early days when you’re only sending out one or two packages a week. However, as your business grows, you’ll wish you had invested in it sooner. Here are a few top reasons to highlight the efficiency of a pallet wrapper.

1. Creates Consistency

One thing you want to do when you’re just starting out is to create consistency in your product, marketing, and of course packaging. By using a pallet wrapper, you ensure that your products are wrapped in the same durable way, every time. This is especially important if your packaging style is part of your overall branding.

By using a pallet wrapper, you will ensure that your packaging looks professionally done every time.

2. Reduced Wrap Consumption

Manual wrapping often leads to a lot of wastage as pallet wrap isn’t stretched enough during a manual process. In fact, experiments have shown that pallet wrapping machines can stretch wrap by up to 300% compared to the 50% stretch created by a manual application.

An increased stretch will reduce the amount of wrap that you’re using, ultimately saving money on your material expenditure. Additionally, pallet wrapping also allows you to know exactly how much wrap is required for each type of package, so you can budget accordingly.

Being able to stretch the wrap effectively also means there’s considerably less that ends up in landfills.

3. Reduces the Bottle Neck Effect

Reduces the Bottle Neck Effect

Source: pipedrive.com

While you may have production or procurement of your product down to a fine art, how efficient is your current packaging process? Many companies often find that opting to use a manual wrapping process creates a bottleneck in this stage of the process.

This is because human hands can only wrap so fast! Of course, there may be measuring, cutting, and applying, all of which take time, especially if the pallets are of varying sizes. Pallet wrappers can be pre-programmed for certain boxes, packages, or pallet sizes, making the process quicker and more efficient.

4. Prevents Damage in Transit

Poorly wrapped pallets and products are often the reason for poor customer reviews and returned products. This usually happens because the wrap hasn’t been applied tightly enough in a manual process. When this happens, the wrap can easily tear, leaving the pallet and the product exposed to weather and other risk factors.

Investing in a pallet wrapper is an excellent way to reduce the need and cost of replacements or refunds. Additionally, it also minimizes your having to deal with packaging-related customer queries that could have a negative impact on your brand reputation.

5. Potential Saving on Employee Costs

Potential Saving on Employee Costs

Source: hiringandempowering.com

On average, a pallet wrapper costs less than one year’s salary for a temporary employee. Investing in the right pallet wrapper will, therefore, not only get your packaging done right every time but will also reduce your overall employee costs. Alternatively, investing in a pallet wrapper will free up your employees to do less labor-intensive jobs and focus on more meaningful tasks.

With this machine in place, employees may be less at risk of experiencing injuries or back-related health problems stemming from bending over packages all day. Certain types of pallet wrappers will also reduce the potential health risks associated with picking heavy items up onto tables to wrap them manually.

Final Thought

Pallet wrappers are one of the simplest ways to create a streamlined packaging process. Not only will your packages look professional every time, but you will also avoid excessive material waste. With a wide variety of machines to choose from, you’ll easily be able to find the right model, perfectly suited to your business’s unique packing requirements!