SEO is the topic of a debate stretching from boardrooms to basement offices, among big businesses and those just starting out today. Some people swear by it, and insist that it is one of the key reasons for their successes, how they get more exposure, achieve greater conversions, and increase their profits each year.

Others, on the other hand, argue that it is a myth or a scam; that it doesn’t work (or at least doesn’t work for them).

No matter where you currently sit on the spectrum of these arguments, read on to discover the truth about SEO and see which side will come out victorious in the great debate today…

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What is the essence of the debate about SEO?

SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation, is the process by which you strive to raise your ranking in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). The higher you are in the SERPs, the more likely your website is to attract more traffic.

So far, so simple, right?

You know from your own Google searches how often you look past the first page or two of results when you use a search engine. Very few people will look any further than that, so it is essential that you end up on the first page and as high up as you can be. Of course, you could pay to have an ad at the top of the page, but many users prefer to skip past the paid ads to the first organic results.

The debate is whether SEO actually works to get you there, and whether or not it is worth shelling out money for. Businesses want to know that if they pay for the top agency to improve their Los Angeles SEO, they will see results.

There are arguments on both sides that we will now take a look at below…

The Nays – Why some people are anti-SEO


To begin with, we will take a look at the no votes; those who don’t believe that SEO works, or at least that it doesn’t work for their business.

There are many reasons for this, including the pervasiveness of SEO myths that really aren’t true, poor practices, and a lack of time and effort.

Some people have tried SEO and haven’t seen any change or improvement for their business. They create content and stuff it full of keywords, and believe that SEO is free and so don’t spend anything on it.  Others think that SEO is useless when compared to PPC (Pay-Per-Click) marketing.

There is also an argument that “SEO is dead”. This is simply not true.

Perhaps one of the biggest reasons why some people argue against SEO is that they have put their faith in the wrong agency. Some businesses jump into a relationship with the first “SEO expert” that promises them instant results, and when they inevitably get burned, they are put off for life.

This is why when looking for the right SEO company for you, be sure to pick one that has a wealth of social proof and plenty of previous success stories for you to review before taking the plunge.

The Yeas – Why we are pro-SEO


Now that we have seen some of the potential hazards and downsides to SEO, it is time to consider the yes votes. So, why is SEO so important for businesses?

As mentioned above, it does in fact work to raise your ranking and place you in front of more customers (when done properly). You simply need to give your website and content creation strategy the time and attention it deserves.

Play by the rules and you’ll have a greater chance at winning the game.

SEO is an organic process that takes a while to really kick in. You may start to see some results quickly, but in general it will be a matter of months, rather than the instantaneous gratification of paid ads. It also does cost money and resources. You cannot simply leave it to work without employees or an agency dedicating the time to make it work.

If you select the right SEO company to work with, you’ll be amazed by the potential for growth. The best SEO can help you appear higher up in the search engine results pages and to your target audience.

SEO helps you to focus on your site’s usability, something that should be hugely important to your business strategy as a whole. It makes you think about who your target market is and what you can offer them. It also allows you to receive more clicks than paid ads, and in a more long-lasting and sustainable way.

You can improve your webpage design and speed, customer experience and generally see your content and your website optimised and ready to rake in the conversions. Not in no time at all as some people might promise, but soon and in an impressive and impactful way.


And the winner is…

The Yeas have it. While there are more than a few myths floating around ready to trip up your SEO strategy, you can avoid them with the right expertise and know-how. And for those who have suffered from a bad relationship with the wrong agency, there are plenty more SEO agencies in the sea.

SEO is a hugely impactful and important part of any good marketing strategy, as long as it is done right. Make sure that you do your research, find the best agency or team to work with to see how a successful strategy can benefit you today.