Tobacco can be chewed, sucked, or smoked; predominately, the latter is the most prevalent method among young and old. Smoking is a luxurious practice for some, so people eagerly look forward to enhancing the experience by effectively using smoking accessories. Smoking accessories can be defined as items used to enhance the smoking experience. These accessories can range from grinders and vaporizers to even lighters and ashtrays. These help the experience become more pleasurable by making the process easier and more convenient.

The use of glass as a smoking accessory has evolved over the years for its aesthetic artistry and functionality. Due to its special characteristics, glass has become one of the popular choices for smoking accessories; however, smokers often refrain from indulging in glass accessories because they fear the material will be fragile and it might require high maintenance care. Therefore, to make it easier and help identify the various glass accessories you can use for a smooth smoking experience, this guide will help enumerate the various benefits of these accessories that you should include in your smoking kit and provide some effective tips for proper maintenance and care.

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Why Should You Use Glass Accessories?


If you are wondering why glass accessories have become a popular choice for smokers worldwide, then here are some pointers for you to ponder over:

  • The material purity of glass is high. It is chemically inert and, therefore, does not alter the taste of the smoke, helping you achieve a clean experience
  • Glass accessories are very easy to maintain and clean. You can use a cleaning solution or rinse it with warm water to remove the residues.
  • Borosilicate glass is generally used in making glass accessories, which is less prone to damage and heat resistant, making it popular to use during smoking.
  • Glass accessories provide an aesthetic appeal and are available in different shapes and designs catering to different requirements of the consumers.

Smoking Accessories To Try

1. Dab Rigs

Dab rigs are devices used for cannabis concentrates and are accompanied by various instruments, including a nail, dabber, dab, carb cap, Q-tips, and a torch. Dab rigs help vaporize concentrates without combusting or applying direct flame to the substance. The nail is heated, creating a hot surface for the cannabis to vaporize. The dab rig then helps in inhaling the vapor through a water chamber.

Usually, dabbing varies with equipment. However, there are certain procedures to consider. Ensure the nail is secured to the dab rig when you turn on the torch to heat the nail. Also, do not forget to cool the nail and clean it properly after smoking. Dab rigs should be used cautiously as they include high concentrations of cannabis, which can lead to overdose and poisoning. It is also quite common to observe smokers getting third-degree burns from the torch and nail if not used properly.

2. Glass Bubblers


Glass bubblers encompass the portability of a hand pipe and the filtration mechanism of a water pipe. Glass bubblers use borosilicate and consist of a water chamber, mouthpiece, bowl, and stem. It also includes carbs to regulate airflow. Glass bubblers should not be confused with bongs, as, unlike bongs, bubblers do not include multiple pieces of chambers. Percolation helps achieve a smooth smoking experience, helping you avoid the bitter aftertaste. Bubblers are best suited for people who love smoking while traveling as, despite being small, they are extremely durable and easy to use.

3. Hand Pipes (Dry Pipes)

Hand/ Dry pipes are available in various shapes and designs and are portable. It is the classic smoking accessory usually used by the older generations but has still sustained due to its effectiveness. The popular version of these pipes includes chillums, spoons, and tasters, among other varieties. Hand pipes come with a stem, mouthpiece, bowl, and a carburetor. Place your smoking substance in the bowl and light the substance; inhale via the mouthpiece while placing your thumb over the carburetor and then release your thumb to clean the smoke off the pipe.

4. Glass Pinchies

Glass pinchies have become quite popular in the smoking community for their versatility, quality, and functionality. Also known as glass clips, pinches are made from borosilicate glass and are used for holding smoking substances. Pinchies are available in various designs and shapes and can be customized according to your preference.

5. Water Pipes


Water pipes help produce a smooth and cooler smoking experience as the smoke passes through the water. You can avail a variety of designs and styles available in the market that you can choose from. To use the water pipe, use enough water to submerge the downstem. Then, fill the bowl with the smoking substance and light the substance. Use the mouthpiece and inhale through the piece slowly. To clear the smoke, lift the bowl and release the accumulated smoke.

Besides the above-mentioned accessories, other varieties are available now to enhance your smoking experience. You can use slurpers, downstems, and other replacement parts to elevate your experience. To further accentuate your style, you can use intricately designed glass pieces that include vibrancy and patterns and add a personal touch. You can also use accessories like ice catchers to add ice cubes to your bongs and bubblers to cool the smoke and create a more refreshing experience.

What Should You Consider?


Caring for your glass accessories properly is essential for the longevity of their performance. Please do not risk the breakage of the glass equipment by placing them on unstable surfaces; always place them on a flat, firm surface. These accessories can be fragile; therefore, avoid knocking them against hard surfaces, and after each use, store them in a safe space. Clean them properly after use with a proper cleaning solution to ensure debris is removed from the apparatuses.

Bottom Line

Using premium glass accessories will not only elevate your smoking experience but also make smoking healthier. Glass accessories have many benefits; however, these should be handled carefully to sustain their performance. Also, always purchase your smoking accessories from a reputed store that vouches for quality and customer care over everything.