When you are looking to move to Austin, you may be wondering if it is safe to live here. You are in luck. Austin has a long history of being a safe city. The crime ratings are considered much lower than other cities and rank as one of the top ten safest cities in the entire country. What sets Austin apart is while the population continues to rise, crime continues to fall. Normally more people equals higher crime, but Austin keeps it low. Knowing that it is a safe and excellent option for your upcoming family, you may wonder what the best neighborhoods are. You will find that these are the best.

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Old Enfield Is A Historic Area With Great Charm

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Old Enfield is in the historic district of Austin and offers a soothing charm while having a lively demeanor. It is quieter and extends from many areas as it is vast. Close to downtown, it provides the best blend of old world and modernization while still keeping a subtle tone that is perfect for people to settle down. It offers diversity as well as excellent schools and housing. Residents have said they love the feeling of urban and suburban mixing well, and there are many entertainment areas with local restaurants and parks. The best part? The schools in Old Enfield are very highly rated, making education for your young ones everything you could ask for.

Old West Austin Is Great When Looking For Austin Texas Homes To Sell

Old West Austin is another area with a lot of people. It is another area considered urban and is an area that rates well for families and schools. Another neighborhood that offers diversity is health and fitness options, great outdoor activities, and friendly neighbors. It is to the west of downtown and has a fascinating history attached. You will find that this is an area with older buildings and new to keep the tradition alive, and the neighborhood is said to be the most sought-after place to live because it’s close to the lake, hiking trails, and several parks as well as shopping options. In addition to that, it is simple to get around so in many cases you don’t need to bring your car. You can reach out to Bramlett Residential to see more beautiful homes for sale if you think Old West Austin is the right place for you.

Rollingwood Is Small But Strong

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Rollingwood is a smaller area to live in, and it’s to the west of Zilker Park. However, it has parks, recreational facilities and entertainment, shopping, and high-end dining options. It is considered to be in one of the luxurious regions of the city and is considered to be near some of the most outstanding schools. You will see that if you are interested in living close to lakes and hills, along with golf courses and fun, this could very well be the neighborhood that you are looking for.

Hyde Park Can Bring The Fun To You

Hyde Park is in central Austin and is a short drive to downtown. This area is considered the social hub near many other neighborhoods such as Allandale, Old Enfield, and Pemberton. Getting around is easy, and the houses here are reasonably priced. Enjoy hiking, biking, and dog-friendly areas, along with lake activities and the best in social activities. This is another area that is highly rated and can combine the elements of work and play.

The Triangle State Offers A Little Bit Of Everything

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Triangle State is a neighborhood that boasts over three thousand people. It offers a place where many young professionals have flocked to because of the job market, while others have considered it because of the high school ratings and the low commute. This is an area where over seventy-five percent of people rent their homes, but you will find them reasonably priced if you choose to buy. Considered a highly safe place to live in, this is another area that prides itself on diversity.

Rosedale: A Pretty Name, For A Pretty Place

Rosedale is another area with a lot of residents, and you will find this is a neighborhood that has people that are a little older. However, many families like this as they get privacy and a quiet neighborhood at the same time. A peaceful community within walking distance of great restaurants and entertainment while being dog friendly is a great benefit to the area. In addition to this, the holiday spirit is excellent around Christmas, delighting even the most stubborn little one. Residents have said it is a lovely place for kids, and there are many parks nearby where they can play with others. In addition to this, you will find that houses are wonderfully priced in this area which is more helpful to people wanting to start a family.

Allandale Is Known For Being Quiet

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Allandale is considered a wonderful place to live for seniors and empty nesters and young couples. The housing market has many options for bedrooms and amenities, and you are close to the center of town. It is a close-knit community but friendly with an active association for the neighborhood. You will find that the schools are highly rated, and you have a plethora of different shops and entertainment options. Near to water and outdoor activities, there is something for everyone here.

Finding The Best Area For You

When you decide to move to Austin, you will be able to know that you have made a safe choice. The west side is considered the best and offers beautiful neighborhoods that have stood the test of time and provide a great blend of old world and new. For little ones, it gives them the chance to make friends with great neighbors with a sense of strong community. Diversity is essential and is another area where you have the opportunity as Austin prides itself on being a caring area where diversity matters. Find the neighborhood that you like the best, and you have great schools, entertainment, and an outdoor activities list that can’t be beaten.