You are beautiful and feminine. All women are. But our modern world forces many ladies to behave in a more masculine way. Sadly, some stereotypes associate some achievements like professional success with masculinity. Curiously, some of the best women’s qualities are strength and resilience. These characteristics are not conflicting with your femininity. However, if you think that more femininity is needed, this article will be helpful for you.

First and foremost, to be more feminine, you must be happy with yourself. You must be confident to wear, for example, leather lingerie by MarieMur. Not to look erotic or kinky for someone else, but to feel comfortable with yourself. Use the clothing that you like most, without any restriction. Be it a dress or underwear, clothes can help you to unleash your full femininity.

But before we discuss leather lingerie and related topics in detail, let us take a look at some general tips to enhance your femininity. They work for women from any part of the world, New York (USA), Leeds (UK), you name it.

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Some Basic Tips to Be More Feminine


The following are things that you can do in your daily life to be more feminine:

  • Show more kindness to all people around you. There is nothing more feminine than a kind and loving woman;
  • Be a source of positivity and optimism. Try to be always humorous and in good mood;
  • Use refined language. Swearing is not attractive or feminine;
  • Be more mindful of your surrounding environment;
  • Wear feminine clothes.

What does this mean? Use clothes that men usually cannot wear. Lace, leather lengerie, strappy sets, and more. Hauteflair can help you with the most feminine clothes. This online boutique has leather lingerie, teddy lingerie and other types for sale. This is a luxurious brand that offers custom lingerie for a perfect fit for your body. Each piece of clothing or accessory is handmade, which guarantees unmatched quality. You can choose the color that you prefer (black, white, red, or any other). High-end lingerie may not be cheap, but it will make you feel special and more feminine.

More Advanced Tips to Be More Feminine

The tips above are general guidelines to be more feminine. However, if you want more specific things that you can change or do, read on. You’ll find useful tips below.

Wear More Red Clothes


We already mentioned above that wearing clothes that men usually cannot wear gives a boost to your femininity. Likewise, you should wear colors that men generally don’t use. In the opinion of many experts, red is the color to enhance your femininity. Don’t limit yourself to wearing red clothes only. For example, you should use red lipstick. Or you can carry a red bag. Be creative and always include red in your daily attire.

Mind Your Hygiene

We mentioned that a kind and loving woman is extremely feminine. This spiritual characteristic must be completed with its physical counterpart. Having a clean soul is important to convey more femininity. Having a clean body is equally important. Thus, take a shower daily. Make sure that your nails are clean and in good shape.

Pay special attention to your face. The color of your skin is irrelevant. The important thing to boost your femininity is to have smooth and soft skin. To achieve it, you should wash your face twice a day. Wash it right after getting up, and before you go to sleep. Don’t wash it more or less often. Otherwise, acne may appear, and it doesn’t help to boost your femininity.

Although being feminine is also being confident with yourself, for hygiene reasons, you should consider depilation. Remove body hair from your legs, armpit, and arms. Remember, body hair, particularly facial hair, is often associated with masculinity. Hence, consider removing any facial hair you may have. Last but not least, use a delicate perfume.

Take Good Care of Your Hair


Your hair, especially if it is long and well-cared, will significantly boost your femininity. Make sure to wash it often so it looks clean and shiny. How often? Twice a week would be enough. Don’t wash it daily to avoid damaging it. As mentioned, ideally, your hair should be long. But this is not a must. If you prefer to have short hair, choose a hairstyle that fits your face. Avoid any procedure that could damage your hair such as curling it. Let it be as it is naturally. To achieve a healthy look for your hair, you must eat a healthy diet. Also, drink plenty of water.

Be Sociable

Go out with your friends and socialize with other people. Smile, laugh and be friendly. All these actions make you more feminine than staying at home all the time watching TV in your pajamas. Be talkative and witty. There is nothing more feminine and attractive than a woman that can talk about many different topics.
In all cases, be yourself. Don’t pretend to be someone else. As stated at the beginning of this article, you must be happy with yourself. This state of mind will help you to convey a very feminine image.

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