Ferrari 250 GTO is one of the greatest cars ever made. It’s also being called “the best Ferrari ever made”. This is something that every car lover knows. It was manufactured back in 1964, and it was limited to only slightly more than thirty units.

So, it is understandable why it is so sought-after by the wealthy collectors. Recently, an original 250 GTO from 1964 was bought at an auction for the $70,000,000. We are displaying this information just so you can see how these collectors are valuing this vehicle.

It comes as a surprise that Ferrari didn`t make a modern version of this car. However, it was announced recently that Ares Design from Modena has a plan on doing just that. So, all is not lost for people who failed to own an original 250 GTO. However, this new version will be more modern, that is for sure.

Ares design can be called a new company in the automobile business. It is headed by Dany Bahar, a former CEO of Lotus.

They will produce this “remake” of GTO 250 in a limited series of ten. It is expected to have a price tag of one million dollars.