Wondering why influencer marketing has become the priority of every business? Brands with influencer marketing have eleven percent more ROI than those that use traditional marketing. It is certainly a big growth asset that does not work for the mega brands but provides equally great results for small businesses alike. Running influencer marketing is a daunting task since you will be managing from setting campaign goals to meet deadlines and eventually measuring the success and budget at the same time.

We recommend you to walk through the following best and foolproof steps that enable you to milk this cash cow and level up your presence in one of the most popular social platforms ever.

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Identification of Goal:


To get started, you must be sure what you want to achieve from the campaign. Are you planning for a short term or seasonal campaign to grow the followers or are looking for a long-term collaboration with the influencer? Whatever your goals are, you should be clear with them. Make sure to set viable objectives in terms of physical outcome and marketing channels. Your aim out of this campaign could be anything from boosting followers to increased engagement to more leads or building a strong fan-base or community.

Research an influencer on Instagram:

Once you have set the objectives, the next step is more crucial and that is picking up the right one for the business.

Tips to find the right influencer for the business:

Read out the comments:

Professionals from A&E suggests to pay serious attention to Instagram comments and find someone who is interested in your product or services and eagerly wanted to be a partner with you. It can produce significant results since the influencer has already mentioned or tagged you in the past and the collaboration can run in a more natural way.

Search relevant hashtags to find the right influencer:


You must have been using a collection of hashtags to reach out to a new audience. It’s good to look through these hashtags to find the right one in your niche.

Fohr and People Map:

You can always use the tools to find the best people in business, Fohr, and People Map to assist you in finding the right influencer for the business.

Check out competitor’s Instagram handle:

It is good to look at the competitor’s handle to know what strategies they are employing and how they are working on. We recommend combing through their comments to spot the right influencer for your campaign.

Compare and analyze the content style and quality:

Once you have chosen the potential influencers, now the time is to thoroughly compare and analyze the content style and quality. Make sure to select someone who has an impressive tone and quality content. Select those that can align the best practices to provide you high content for the business.

Reach out to selected influencer:


You have successfully evaluated the list of potential ones, now it’s time to contact them. Make sure to write an impressive message to them, since your first message or invitation either make or break the partnership. Moreover, put the right contact details, choose more formal method to contact like email, ask them to provide you with media kit, briefly introduce yourself and brand, talk about the campaign and praise them why you find them the good pick for the campaign and lastly be transparent and make sure to open the conversation for further discussion.

As you plan to make the first outreach, take note of the influencer’s ethnicity or background, as they may have specific cultural or moral approaches to certain things. After all, your goal is to match your brand to the influencer who has the same values and views as your brand does. Learn more about this area in influencer marketing by starting your research in relevant locations according to your brand.

Be transparent in negotiation and share the required resource with influencers:

You should be open and transparent. In the negotiation process, you should precisely breakdown all the requirements with deadlines when each need to be provided. In case you don’t have the big-budget, then there is no need to be sad since there are tons of brands that are getting tremendous benefits from the influencer partnership through ambassadorship.

Once you reach a consensus, it’s best to share all the resources either in Dropbox or Google Drive that could include the following:

  1. Brand Style
  2. Editorial guide
  3. Talking Point and Press Release
  4. Faqs

The purpose of sending this to make the collaboration seamless for the influencer.

Say Thank you

In all the activities, where you have got the “Paid Partnership Feature” set up the UTM tagging, and sharing the outcome with him, and have got good feedback from him as well. Make sure to send a thank-you note to him to end up a campaign more professionally. Moreover, it is a community-building exercise and he has worked hard for this. Being thankful is a great gesture instead of winding up the relations badly. These small tips help you to go a long way to building a lasting relationship.

Why every business likes to promote their Instagram Handle

With the unstoppable growth of this incredible social platform, every other business likes to challenge their luck either by establishing or promoting the brand on Instagram or some individuals want to emerge as an entertainer or Instagram star through the platform. The opportunities are immense and therefore everyone would like to cash it out. Individuals and businesses alike leave no stone unturned in increasing the engagement, promoting their content and profile.

They use various methods to get noticed since the Instagram algorithm has become more advanced, therefore, the method must be legitimate to boost their online presence. From sharing user-friendly content to collaborating with influencers to keeping a close eye on the analytics, businesses and people do everything to attract a new audience that can help to increase the growth. However, in case someone does not have enough time for all this, the best way is to buy Instagram followers from Social Captain, there are countless websites that offer you these services, while one needs to be very conscious in picking the right service provider. Most of the time, instead of providing real followers, these companies provide you fake followers that gradually drop over time. However, the big following indicates the authenticity of your brand in the eyes of new people.