Do you belong to the community of Flutter developers or organizations using Flutter for app development? If so, this article is a must-read for you.

App development with Flutter Theming will be a bit more seamless and smooth as Flutter News Toolkit is just launched and is laced with some of the most laudable features.  Huge efforts are invested in bringing it into being. It’s a feature-rich toolkit with a wide range of features to develop mobile News applications with the least possible time and effort.

Read this post to learn more about this News toolkit and why you shouldn’t ignore it.

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Flutter News Toolkit – What It Is?


Developed by Google’s most skilled team, Flutter News Toolkit is an open-source and highly feature-rich Flutter app template for  Flutter developers. As it’s a pre-built solution, developers can use it directly to build News applications. Yes, you can also use it only for News application development.

Those who have adopted this News toolkit have claimed to finish off iOS and Android-based News application development within only 6 weeks and claimed to experience nearly 80% savings in the application development period.

Firebase and Google Mobile Ads are used to bring common services like ads, notifications, authentication, and analytics into action. For early-stage Flutter developers, the toolkit provides enough support with tutorials, code labs, and onboarding guides. Hence, you can hire Flutter Developer of all skill levels and still can experience the best outcome.

Speaking of the utility of this toolkit, Flutter developers are able to:

  • Use an interactive News app UI workflow developed using Flutter and Firebase
  • Learn about the industry’s best overview of best practices for building News apps
  • Start app monetization soon after development is done with ads and subscription

Key Features Of Flutter News Toolkit


Before you get carried away and make a move to hire a Flutter developer to develop a News application with this toolkit, let’s take a break and learn about its key features.

  • Easy user onboarding as you have features like push notification and attaining ad tracking permission to engage the audience.
  • Seamless account login or sign feature that enables end-users to sign up directly from social networks and reuses their passwords.
  • Content feeds and content pages to display leading News articles, ads, and Newsletters interactively.
  • Quick monetization, as you’re allowed to use ads and subscriptions soon after the complete development.
  • An easy search feature that permits end-users to search specific News articles and access them without any hassles.
  • Customized settings using which users can customize login, ads, notification, and various other aspects.
  • Social media sharing of News articles, videos, and other content.

If you’re thinking about how to access the Flutter News Toolkit, you need to understand that you can access it directly from Github. The code base of the toolkit is freely available on Github.

The toolkit is fully customized. In case you need any customization, you need to drop an email at [email protected], and you will soon get a customized Flutter News toolkit.

For the development of flow-based content, the sample code is enough. For beginners, enough support is offered. There are video tutorials and developer support from Github to resolve any hassles and hurdles.

Prerequisites For Using Flutter News Toolkit


This toolkit sounds interesting, and it’s certainly a viable resource with features like Flutter Theming, account creation, easy onboarding, and many more. But you can’t use it just like that. There are certain prerequisites that people have to acquire before using this toolkit. Have a look at this toolkit.

  • Dart SDK will help you use this News template for the project.
  • Mason_cli is required to access the features of the toolkit. Make sure you’re using the latest version of this resource. Mason is basically a command-line tool using which Flutter developers can create a fully customized codebase according to your requirements.
  • Dart Frog is a highly feature-rich and swift backend framework for Dart. You need to install dart_frog _cli to use the News toolkit.

Gather all these prerequisites, hire Flutter developer, and start developing feature-rich mobile apps for the News industry.

Who Are Using Flutter News Toolkit

This toolkit gained traction soon after it was launched, and some of the leading global news industry players because of its unmatched features. For instance:

  • The Standard, a Kenya-based leading News publishing house, experienced 80% time saving with this toolkit.
  • AnyMind developed News apps for Khaosod Online in just two weeks with the help of this toolkit.
  • Boldsports is a Nigerian-based sports News app that was developed using this toolkit.
  • Hespress is a Morocco-based News website that developed the English version of the app within 6 weeks with this toolkit.

Considering all this, we have no qualms to admit that this Flutter News Toolkit is doing wonders. What are you waiting for? Hire Flutter developer from a trusted app development company and start building News apps without any risks or hassles.