Moving to another country is like living a new chapter of your life same is with Canada. After clearing an exam, you can travel and shift to Canada and start your new life. But it is not simple to relocate to a new place you have never visited. Every country has different rules and it is necessary to follow them after moving there.

Being an immigrant, you may not know many things about Canada and what challenges you can face. In this write-up, we will discuss various immigration tips for all foreigners traveling to Canada for jobs, education, or settling their lives.

If you are planning to depart from your country to Canada, take care of the mentioned tips before leaving your city. Once you reach another land, it is not easy to come back and handle your issues. It is better not to forget anything and check the list of the things that are necessary to do before you take the flight.

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1. Take All the Essential Documents

It is surprising to know that many people forget to take their documents along with them to Canada. But you must remember this because all the documents are essential in Canada. You must take a file or a bag and gather all the necessary documents.

You must gather documents like birth certificates, vaccination, educational certificates, driving license, medical records, passports, adoption papers, IDP, marriage certificates, etc. Once you reach Canada, you will need these documents for a job or to seek an education.

2. Learn English


For anyone who cannot speak English comfortably, it is challenging to communicate with anyone in a foreign land. English is a common language that you can use to interact with anyone and get help when required.

You can easily get the approval for relocation once you clear the IELTS or TOEFL exam. While preparing for these exams, you must learn English and speak it fluently. In case of the language barrier, it is challenging to survive in a foreign land. Neither does anyone understand your problem, nor can you communicate with anyone.

3. Find Accommodation

Before you reach Canada, you must plan and find an excellent place to live. Once you reach there, finding an appropriate place and negotiating the price is quite challenging. If you do not know where to go, you need to spend more money on finding accommodation.

Anyone who has already searched for a place to live must take a taxi or public transport to that address. It is always better to make arrangements before you reach a foreign land. If any relative lives in Canada, you can also go to their house, or they can also come to take you along with them.

4. Get a Good Job Or Prepare Yourself

It is good to get a good job in Canada before reaching there. You can join your office and settle in a new country slowly. But if you must search for any job, you must prepare for it. You can experience many challenges, but you must deal with them to survive. It is better to connect with people in the same field as you.


Work on networking skills to easily get a better job quickly. You should not forget your degrees and other educational documents. Without these documents, you cannot easily apply for any job. Before you leave your city, you must know how to find jobs in Canada. Once you get a good job, you can apply for citizenship, and Bellissimo can easily help you.

5. Know Everything Regarding the Education System

Anyone who wants to pursue any course in Canada must know everything regarding the education system. If you desire to be admitted to any school or college, you must locate the institution and find accommodation.

Awareness of culture, classes, teachers, timings, etc., is necessary. You need to be punctual when it comes to attending classes. It is quite possible to get admission to any institute online from your city. Know enough about the education system and follow all the rules once you reach there.

6. Submit Application to Get SIN Number

If you desire to work in Canada legally, you must acquire a SIN number. With the help of this number, you can easily control all your taxes. It is simple to apply for the number with all the permits you have like work, study, etc.

Your passport will also be checked so that the government authority can confirm your identity. You can apply for the number online during the pandemic and get it before reaching Canada. You must check the government site and get all the details.

7. Get IDs in Canada


If you are moving or settling in Canada, you must apply for Canadian ID proof. You cannot take your old IDs or passport everywhere with you. The authorities can issue IDs once you apply for them within a few days or months.

The candidate’s age should be at least 12 years, and the person needs to become a country resident. You must pay a minimal fee to apply and get an ID. It is a common process in different countries.

8. Open Your Bank Account

Anyone who is going to Canada as a student can create a bank account for free. When you start living in a new country, all your transactions will be made in the local currency. Even if you desire to work or get an education, you must open a local bank account to get a salary, submit fees, etc.

You must have a good credit score if you want to purchase anything and require a loan. It is quite possible if there is a bank account of yours. You need to submit the necessary documents to the bank to open an account.

Final Thoughts

If you plan to shift to Canada, you need to follow all the mentioned tips. When any person arrives in a new country, he may not know many things necessary to do in a foreign land. Before making any mistakes, these tips will help you sort out all your problems.