More and more firms, including international businesses such as Google, Tesla, Bank of America, and Facebook, embrace functional programming. There are obvious advantages that attract them: such programs are scalable, efficient, and stable. So, businesses that do not want to experience losses due to security issues choose FP.

The threshold for writing in the functional style, though, is high. It requires high coding qualifications, technical background, and the ability to deal with high-level abstractions. Benefits of functional programming in general:

  • Pure functions are easier to reason about.
  • Testing is easier, and pure functions lend themselves well to techniques like property-based testing.
  • Debugging is easier.
  • Programs are more bulletproof.
  • Programs are written at a higher level and are therefore easier to comprehend.

I’ve prepared a list of the top 6 companies to help you select a functional programming firm. They focus on FP  as their primary development language.

This list of top developers was selected based on their popularity in search engines and social networks, feedback on different sites, quote index, and the size and level of completed projects (information available in open sources). I have also considered contributions to GitHub’s open-source project, conference and hackathon attendance, and science-related activities.

Top experts in functional programming

Based on the data collected, I present here a list of leading companies within their domain.

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1. Serokell

Serokell is an organization that focuses on complex systems and problems of large-scale growth. They have partnered with some of the most prominent players in the blockchain industry, such as Tezos and Cardano.

They seem to be big fans of Haskell. At the same time, Serokell has different functional languages in scope: they write about it on their blog and social media, talk at various conferences, and even teach at universities. Their approach won the 1st prize for blockchain developers and defeated solutions submitted in other languages in the open Telegram contest. The developers of Serokell are also contributing to the GHC (Haskell compiler) and other open-source projects and libraries.

The company has its research laboratory based at the Russian university ITMO. Serokell enjoys positive client feedback and a good reputation across the community.

2. Lightbend

Lightbend makes real-time, cloud-native solutions for enterprise transformation. Their goal is to help customers become digitally transformed companies that combine scalability and durability with the benefit of streaming data in real-time. The company was founded by the ideator of Scala and the authors of the Reactive Manifesto, the founding member of the Reactive Streams Project, the host of Scala Days, and the founder of the Reactive Summit.

Lightbend is the company behind the OSS application frameworks Akka, Play and Lagom, streaming the Cloudflow platform for data pipelines, the next generation Cloudstate serverless project, and the programming language Scala.

3. FPcomplete

FPcomplete is a software development firm that manufactures Haskell and Rust business programs and modules. This business is ready to provide any form of customized programming services, such as data cloud storage, development of blockchain and machine learning, system audit. The team has experience working with businesses and startups from Fortunes 500. Awareness and effective project management enable the team to tackle problems that large and small businesses face.

FPcomplete developers regularly contribute to the functional programming community. They have delivered turn-key solutions for Fintech, Biotech, Pharmaceutical, and Healthcare domains.

4. Tweag

Tweag is a tech engineering lab with experience developing high-performance projects on a large scale and creating systems that process events at low latency in real-time. Tweag helps to save companies millions of dollars on bug fixing and maintenance, with FP and other usable programming technologies.

Tweag provides FP consultancy and guidance services to enterprises. HaskellR is a project that brings together several packages for statistical analysis and machine learning in Haskell. Tweag is respected in the developers’ community thanks to their valuable open-source projects.

5. Flying Circus

Flying Circus offers packaged web software for different price categories by subscription. They have even introduced options for startups and small businesses who also want to benefit from an individualized development approach and fit it into their budget. If you need an enterprise application as soon as possible, you can also collaborate with this company. The company will always be at your service, need be for technical assistance or clarification.

Flying circus is an agency that operates according to Agile. This means the production process will be flexible and highly transparent. You can still be in touch with your team as a company owner, and add new features on the fly, which is very handy. They guarantee short cycles of publication, low effort to deploy, and smooth monitoring. However, while their packaged solutions include all the requisite features for low-load digital companies, it is safer to start from scratch with another developer since a ready-made application is not an option for large corporations.

6. Well-Typed

Well-Typed is one of the community’s most influential functional developer teams. They are a European company with developers worldwide who provide services and maintenance for quality production. They fully construct projects and implement bespoke Haskell tools and applications. C, C #, and Java are also other languages that they use. They also perform maintenance, analysis, monitoring, and performance tuning. They can work with an in-house team or individually, depending on the needs of their clients.

Well-Typed sees as its mission to deliver quality customized software products and contribute to the Haskell community. They have served on the Haskell language specification committee and helped to set up the committee.

To summarise

If you want your software to be fast, scalable, and stable, collaborate with a functional software development agency. It’s hard to find competent FP developers, but this list will hopefully make your choice easier. You will reap the advantages that this functional programming language brings to custom software creation only by collaborating with professionals.