If you are serious about your intention to start working out regularly, you have to know that you can’t do that with your regular T-shirts and leggings, and you will have to invest in proper wearing and clothes for exercising.

Depending on what you exercise, there is an unwritten dress code of what to wear. These clothes are good because they will prevent muscle pains, and regulate the heating of your body. Gym clothes can indeed improve your performance and make the workout more effective.

Before we start giving advice on what to wear at the gym, and if it’s better to buy a long sleeve or short sleeve tee, we will first try to mention all the clothes that are a big “no” in exercising. Avoid wearing cotton clothes. They won’t make you smell like sweat, but they absorb it, and you will feel like you are covered with wet towels all the time. That creates perfect conditions for bacteria development and skin irritation. Your old sneakers seem like a good idea, but you walked a lot of miles with them, and you can’t really use them to exercise. The same goes for the bra. Invest in a quality one instead of wearing a regular model at the gym. Don’t wear jewelry, because it’s simply unpleasant to feel it on you while exercising, and the excess sweat can ruin it. And, of course, no makeup at the gym – but you already know this one.

When it comes to the models you need to pick, sometimes you are asking yourself if the long sleeve tee was a better option than the short sleeve one. Let’s see:

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1. Better compression

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Too loose clothes aren’t good for the gym. They are maybe stylish outside and on the streets, but for the gym, you will have to choose the ones that follow your body line, so they can protect you from overheating, or cooling, and manage the sweat properly. If you are looking for workout long sleeve tops, then you have to pay a lot of attention to the quality of the textile, and avoid cotton, because, as we said, it keeps the moisture and it’s unpleasant to always feel like you are cold. These shirts and tops absolutely “hug” your body, and don’t let anything stop you from exercising.

2. You are more flexible

Since there is no friction between the clothes and naked parts of your arms, you will perform better at the gym. The difference isn’t huge, but even 2% more flexibility will bring better results. The fabrics are encouraging it, not restricting, even though it’s literally “glued” on you all the time.

Flexibility is what you need at the gym, so you can make all the exercises, and target all the muscle groups, for effective exercising.

3. It prevents losing water

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You will sweat anyway, but when the fabric is breathable, it will cool down the body properly, as the heat goes up, and take control over the quantity of sweat you are losing. That sweat is equal to the amount of water that goes out from your body. So rehydration is a must every 20 minutes of workout, but the clothes can help you prevent losing a lot of water. Cotton clothes will absorb it, leaving you tired, exhausted, and with lowered ability to recover the muscles. Don’t play games with your health, and get that long sleeve tee from the store, and see the difference by yourself.

4. It’s better for your muscles

During the exercising, your muscles are making different contractions, and as this shirt is pressing against the skin, you are improving the circulation, and don’t risk your muscles not get the oxygen they need. It’s also related to potential muscle soreness. You can’t expect that it won’t happen. But, with proper clothes, it won’t be that bad, and you will be able to work out longer than usual.

5. Less injury risk

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The gym clothes are made of special materials, and they are able to let your skin breathe, and don’t interrupt the workout cycle. That means, the risk of injuries is lower, and you are safe at the gym. So, do that, buy yourself a few pairs of long sleeve tops, leggings, appropriate sneakers, and there won’t be anything to stop you as you exercise and improve your health with that.

6. Better recovery

We all know that sometimes we get too tired as we exercise, but we couldn’t imagine that the clothes can be guilty of that. Yes, your old and baggy workout outfits can stop the recovery, and you will get too tired after a few minutes of exercising. There is a reason why the gym clothes are providing compression, which means they are pressing over the critical points, and improve circulation. Your body needs enough oxygen to maintain strength, and be more focused on exercises. The oxygen is repairing the muscles during the exercise, and you won’t end up getting too tired after the training.


It’s excellent to know that you are doing something for your body, no matter if you want to improve the physical appearance, or you just want to maintain good habits, together with your busy life. Even though working out is your hobby, you must choose appropriate clothing, for the reasons we mentioned above. Surely, you can exercise with your regular sports clothes until you decide if the workout style is appropriate for you, but after that, you have to invest in a few quality pieces of clothing and take that task very seriously.

Your body should be warm all the time, but not overheated – also, these clothes should provide enough cooling, but never getting you too cold so you can’t handle the exercises.

Always invest in quality clothes for the gym. Visit the sports stores, try a few of them, see if they fit nicely to your body. A proper long sleeve tee should feel like a comfortable hug around your body too. Don’t wait too long, because the damages and injuries you can cause are not worth the waiting.