Running an online business or store is challenging, especially when you’re targeting audiences from a specific location like Australia. With several locally and internationally owned websites competing for your audience’s attention, getting your brand noticed will be a struggle. Fortunately, you can get a leg up in the game with the help of Google AdWords.

Google AdWords, or more commonly known as Google Ads, is an online advertising platform created by Google. This platform lets advertisers bid on certain keywords in order for their brand to appear higher in Google’s search results—increasing their chances of users clicking on their website. For example, if you want to advertise your handmade soap business in Perth, you’ll be bidding on keywords that correspond to your business like “handmade soaps in Perth” or “Perth handmade soaps”. If you were able to place the highest bid, you can expect your brand name to appear on the first page of Google’s search results.


However, using Google Ads can be a huge gamble. It’s possible that the keywords you’re using aren’t generating a lot of clicks, so you’re gaining very little profit even if your brand name is in the top of the list. You’ll also need to bid on the correct keywords regularly if you want to maintain your placement in the search results.

As such, it’s in your best interest to hire a Google AdWords Agency in Perth to get the results you want. Companies that specialise in Google Ads can not only keep an eye on the search habits of online users, but they also know how to use the platform effectively.

When you work with a reputable and trustworthy agency, they’ll ensure that your Google AdWords campaign runs the way it should. We spoke to Dilate Digital who manage Adwords campaigns for many businesses in Perth who shared the benefits in running Adwords campaigns and working with a reputable Adwords agency.

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1. Make it Work with Your Brand


Google Ad agencies can increase your exposure to your target audience by personalizing your campaign. By configuring Google AdWords’ settings, they can target audiences that are within a specific age group, gender, or location. This way, your brand is reaching the right people who are interested in purchasing your products or services.

2. Enable You to Reach a Wider Audience

There are several ways Google Ads can expand your reach to your target audience. By placing your brand at the top of the Google search results list, for example, the odds of people clicking on your website are high. This is because it’s one of the first few names they’ll see once they hit the search button.

Another method would be incorporating relevant keywords into your campaign. Google Ad agencies can do this by tracking the keywords that are frequently being used by your audience when they’re searching for products or services that are related to your brand. When you’re able to target and implement those keywords, your website will most likely come up in your audience’s search. This is due to the fact that the keywords you’re investing in are the exact or partial phrases your users typed in the search bar. Click here to learn more about google ads and about your audience.

3. Maintains Engagement with the Visitors of Your Website


Google Ads will help you reconnect with the people who have visited your website. When users enter and leave your site, their browsers will pick up your Google AdWords cookie, allowing you to retarget or remarket your ads.

Through retargeting, you can retain an engagement with those who have visited your website, even while they’re browsing through the web or checking their Gmail accounts.

For example, if a user is showing interest in one of your products but didn’t buy anything, a display image of the item the user was looking at will be shown while searching through Google. This way, there’s a higher chance that the user will purchase from your website.

4. Get Better Control Over Your Budget

Even if you’re working with a small budget, Google AdWords agencies can make the most of it by bidding on profitable keywords. They can also give you more value by dividing your budget accordingly and spreading it into the following three major target areas:

  • Mobile searches
  • Google searches
  • Display network searches

If they see certain keywords losing their traction, they can lower the cost of the keywords’ pay-per-clicks or pause or stop the ad entirely. Since you’re able to control the payment settings on Google Ads, you can manage your campaign budget more easily.

5. Push Your Brand Out Fast


Using SEO strategies will also help you reach a high click rate, but it’ll take you several months before you see any results. Google Ads, on the other hand, works fast. Since you’re bidding for prime real estate in the search results pages, Google will prioritise your campaign, giving you immediate visibility to your target audience. This doesn’t mean, however, that you should rely on Google AdWords alone to make your brand noticeable. Google Ads is a great way to signal a boost to your business, but if you want an affordable way to reach long-term success, you’ll need the organic searches generated by white hat SEO.

Dilate is a Trusted Google AdWords Agency That Can Help Your Business

With Google AdWords, your website will gain more traction since it’ll be more visible to online users. In order to reap its benefits, however, you’ll need to work with a Google AdWords agency that’s ready to learn more about your brand and knows how to effectively use your budget.

Dilate, for example, is one of the most trusted digital marketing agencies in Perth. This company prides itself for providing ROI driven AdWords campaigns by following a four-stage approach. Through their Discovery, Build, Launch, and Growth process, they’re able to meet their clients’ goals and achieve them in a practical time frame. To find out more about their Adwords services click here for more information.