Your small business is central to your life and your livelihood, so naturally, you’re going to want it to grow strong and profitable. But do you know how to make that happen? Give some of the following ideas a try to get started on creating a new chapter in your business life.

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Get Your Finances in Order

First, if you want your business to grow, you need to make sure it’s financially stable. So get your finances in order. Update your budget, for instance, and take a close look at where you stand currently. Strive to increase your cash flow if you can. Also, consider taking out a small business loan if there are areas you wish to expand. This can give you a cushion for special projects that can boost your business over time. Just be sure to read all the requirements and terms before your sign.

Spruce Up Your Marketing

Another excellent way to grow your small business is to draw in more customers but to do this, you’ll need to spruce up your marketing. If your website is a little drab, for instance, give it an update. Remember that your customers should be able to find the information and products they need in only a few clicks. If you don’t already offer online ordering or scheduling, consider adding it. There are tools available these days that can make the process fairly easy.


Don’t neglect other marketing avenues either. You should be making good use of your social media accounts and posting frequently. These can hold customers’ attention. Consider sending out an email campaign, too, or even starting up a monthly email newsletter. This will place your business front and center in your customers’ inboxes.

Build a Great Team

For your business to grow, you’re going to need help, and this means building a great team of employees. As you search for new hires, pay close attention to candidates’ attitudes. They should be open to learning, good at teamwork, and ready to commit to making the company a success. While education and experience are important, too, an employee’s attitude can make or break a team.

Also, be sure to listen to your employees. Encourage them to give you feedback. Sometimes they notice problems or opportunities that you miss. So give them your attention and your respect.

Keep Your Customers Happy

Loyal, happy customers are another key to a growing business. So keep them coming back by treating them right. Answer all comments and questions promptly, and handle complaints fairly. You probably won’t be able to satisfy all customers all the time, but you should try to please as many as possible. You might even reward your most faithful customers with a reward program. Your customers can earn points for every purchase that they can apply to discounts or prizes or gift certificates. They’ll have fun building up their points and claiming their rewards, and you’ll make more sales.

Boost Your Technology


These days a growing company needs technology. This might make you groan a little if you aren’t especially tech-savvy, but your company can certainly benefit from a technology plan. You can start small. Add a software program to track sales, for instance, or switch to an accounting program that better meets your needs. You might bring in a professional to upgrade your office’s computer networks or train you and your employees how to use technology more efficiently.

Try a New Direction

Don’t be afraid to strike out in new directions either. Sometimes you need to take just a little risk if your business is going to grow. Think, for instance, about adding a new line of products or services. This might seem like a stretch, but it could work out very well.

Be Flexible

That said, though, be flexible enough to recognize when something isn’t working and to make a change. If a marketing strategy is falling flat, try something else. If that new product isn’t selling, discontinue it. If your employees hate your new software, switch it out. Listen to the feedback you receive from all angles, and use your own common sense, too. Try things for a reasonable period of time, and then move on if they fail.

Your small business can grow and flourish if you put in the time and effort. So get started on one or more of these ideas.