The pest control industry shows a revenue of billions of dollars a year and the market is actually growing. That’s not comforting to homeowners, as you obviously want to steer clear of having the label of the ‘pest infested property’ in your neighbourhood. Is the presence of pests increasing?

Factors like increased trade and climate change can actually boost the risk of pests converging on your home or commercial property. Luckily, by implementing good habits and using professionals like pest control services, you can still stay in control of the pest situation on your property.

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Staying Vigilant is Vital

A lot of pest problems can be avoided by keeping an eye out for signs of critters. And you don’t have to be an expert to notice they’ve arrived. Consider the following:

  • Are there signs of pests, such as mice droppings, in the pantry?
  • Do you hear unfamiliar noises at night when the house goes quiet? This may be in the roof or pests like cockroaches or mice scurrying across the floor.
  • You notice an unusual smell in the building.

See? You can simply use your senses to pick up on the presence of creatures you don’t want around.

Vigilance is a vital habit, because these signs may even be noticed at the very start of an infestation. You can then take action so you can prevent many problems, such as damage to property or contamination.

Preventative Maintenance Saves You Money

Preventative Maintenance Saves You Money


Pair your vigilance with having a plan in place. This is to limit the risk of attracting pests and stop them from nesting.

Strategies for this tip vary and your local pest experts can help you compile a plan most suitable for your property. It can be as simple as acquiring sealable containers for food items to a chemical or biological treatment that helps to trap pests or keep them away.

Yes, this may require some expense, but in the long run you’ll save on having to call pest control services for more work and there’s less risk of them causing costly damage.

Try Out Natural Remedies

Part of your preventative maintenance can be to use natural pest remedies. This ranges from plants to products most homeowners have available:

  • Plants like Rosemary that can keep mosquitoes away
  • Flies don’t like Mint and Basil
  • Wash down counters with a solution containing vinegar, because it makes it less likely that ants follow each other to food sources
  • Banana peels in your garden soil can keep away certain bugs
  • Some critters don’t like the smell of coffee, so put some coffee grounds in the garden soil

Know Your Region

Of course, it can feel overwhelming and be expensive to try and be prepared for ALL types of pests. But did you know different regions of Australia have different pests that are most common? It will help you to do appropriate preventative maintenance if you know which pests are most likely to come around.

Educate yourself on the data about where you live, and it will be easier to plan appropriately.

Moisture Management Solves Many Problems

Moisture Management Solves Many Problems


If you’re looking for a quick fix to at least minimise the possibility of pests arriving, look at all the water sources on your property. Many pests will be attracted to a spot where they have easy access to moisture, such as a leaking tap or a damp place in your roof. Standing water can even be a breeding ground for some insects.

Replacing a broken seal on your outside tap or stopping that dripping tap in your kitchen can make more of a difference than you think.

Seal Those Holes

Another quick fix is to do an audit of your home and look for openings in your exterior wall. This could be a broken window or a gap between the window frame and the wall where caulking has deteriorated. Pests are experts at finding access points—no matter how small—and using them to get into your home.

They want to come inside where there’s more warmth, water and food. Then they can get into your attic, start living in your furniture or take over your grocery cupboard. So, taking some time to fix up your home can save you a lot of money—spent on pest control and replacing valuable items in the home—in the long run.

DIY isn’t Always the Answer

DIY isn’t Always the Answer


So, there’s a lot you can do yourself, but don’t take too long before calling in the experts if you notice pests on your property. Much of what homeowners can do may minimise the signs of pests but it won’t deal with the source of the problem, such as removing a colony of termites before they start ruining the wooden structure in your roof.

Also, it can be tricky to find these colonies. However, pest experts know how to get it right and deal with it swiftly.


Knowledge is power, even if it’s about keeping your home free of pests. Feel empowered to limit the impact of critters on your property, but always understand the value of using Australia’s pest control services. There’s a reason their market shows such high revenue—there’s a lot to do to keep Aussie homes pest-free and safe.