The moment you decide that you are going hiking, your mind starts running a hundred mph. You get thoughts flooded in about the things you need to gather in your backpack and all the essentials that will make your trip super fun. Among the many things a hiker needs, having the right hiking boot is probably the most important one. Because it is all about footwork, walking, climbing, etc., you definitely need a pair of boots that ensure you are comfortable.

Because let’s face it, having a hiking boot that is not the right fit will turn your life into a nightmare. Now the usual concept when buying a pair of boots is getting whatever you like on the first try. Even if it’s a bit lost, people tend to buy it anyway. Because for them, a slightly loose fit doesn’t matter so much. Simply wearing a thick sock will solve the problem, right?

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But when going to buy a hiking boot, trust me when I tell you, a good fit is everything. Hiking is not like walking at all. You come across different surfaces, and walking on the irregular trails for hours can exhaust your feet without the right assistance. Now you wouldn’t want your feet to get blisters halfway into the hiking trip, do you?

So, apart from having the best hiking boots, you need to learn how to fit the boots for long-life comfort. There are a few tips you should remember.

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Where and when are you hiking?


The place and time for your hiking trip matter a lot when choosing a boot. So, before you go out, make sure you are clear about where you are going? Is it the mountains, the rocky path, or simply a local park? Your destination will have a lot to do with the boot’s features and fit, of course.

In addition, time also matters a lot when going hiking. Whether you are hiking in summers or winters will affect your boot’s fit as well.

Buy hiking boots from a professional store

Now, this is important to remember. Always shop for hiking boots from a reliable and professional store. The reason why? Because they are experienced. They will listen to your requirements, ask necessary questions, and then they will give you the right pair to try on. Since shopping for hiking boots is not living your causal shoes, you need to take extra care about your foot’s measurement. The right fit will be according to the anatomy of your foot. Also, never buy a hiking boot online. You will probably end up wasting your money. Getting the right fit for a boot requires live experience, and online buying won’t do that.

Don’t forget wearing a hiking sock for fitting


Now everyone wears a pair of hiking socks with their boots. It’s a thumb rule. But what most people don’t do is bringing that pair along when buying one. This is where you mess with the right fit. Since wearing a sock can increase your foot’s volume by many folds, you need to wear them before trying and buying the boot. Because without the socks, the right fit will turn in to a disaster as soon as you start going up the trail.

How to test the right fit

To ensure that you have got the right fit, follow that following steps when trying a hiking boot for lifelong comfort:

  • Wear hiking socks that you are going to wear on the day.
  • Place your foot inside the boot after fully opening it up.
  • Pull out the laces so that everything fits its place and tie the laces up. Make sure the laces are not too tight or too loose as it will mess with the fitting and will irritate your feet later on during hiking.
  • Now kick the ground by positioning your feet in an upright direction from the front so that your foot slides towards the front, and your toe touches the boot’s front.
  • Now, place the foot on the ground and insert your finger in the space at the back of the shoe and your foot.
    If, after sticking one finger, there is room for another, the shoe is simply big.
  • However, if your finger doesn’t fit in at all, the space is little, the shoe is small in size.
  • But, if there is room for a single finger easily, it means you have found your perfect fit.
  • Apart from this technique, you should also wear the boots for some time. Try to move around in them for 2-3 minutes so that it feels comfortable.

Improving the fit


You can further improve the fit of your shoe by:

  • Hiking socks come in different materials. You can try a couple of socks to see which one improves the fit and wear those on your big day.
  • Sometimes, to ensure a perfect fit, you need to replace the laces as well. Laces can get loose and slip from the eyelets. As a result, your boot will get loose as well. So, in this case, make sure you have an extra set of laces at your hand.

The reason you need the right fit is that it is not every day you get a pair of hiking boots. It is a long-time investment. Why? Because firstly, they are expensive. Secondly, they take up a lot of time and energy when buying. And lastly, if the fit isn’t right, you will just ditch it after a few tries, and it’ll be a complete wastage. So, follow the tips mentioned above to enjoy the lifelong comfort of your hiking boots!