Since a vast majority of industries in the world are about to digitize, then it is safe to presume that they want to hire experienced programmers. Just think about all the apps and software which are developed for various industries. There are countless hours of work behind these, no matter how simple they look from the perspective of users. To create these, the companies require competent professionals.

Alongside Java and JavaScript, C# is the most sought-after programming language. It needs to be said that it is not widespread as those two we’ve mentioned. That’s why finding the most experienced developers can represent quite a hassle. In case you require these services, you can always outsource this project to another company. If that’s the case, check this site page.

Since only hiring competent workers can do the trick, the businesses will require some insight before they can make the best possible decision. For that reason, we would like to provide you with a list of a couple of tips that can help you make a proper decision. You will see that all of them will be equally helpful in this quest of yours. Without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the most important ones.

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1. In-Depth Understanding


Even though it may look like a no-brainer, it’s worth noting that taking a look at the candidate’s knowledge and in-depth understanding of the programming language is an absolute must. The reason is quite obvious, those who do not have a proper understanding cannot perform some of the more complex work. To determine proficiency, it is crucial to hire a professional who can conduct interviews.

Naturally, this should be the scenario if there’s no C# expert inside your team. The first thing you should ask the candidate is how familiar he or she is with the Mono and .NET framework. For those who don’t know, the Mono framework is a framework that allows the developers to build software that can be used on multiple operating systems. .NET is a framework that offers the possibility for creating Windows desktop apps.

2. OOP Knowledge


Next, we would like to talk about how crucial is for candidates to be familiar with the concept of Object-Oriented Programming, better known as OOP. It is important to say that this concept relies on two main factors, objects, and classes. These two factors have the aim of structuring the whole code into blueprints that can make the whole project fall in line perfectly. That way, it can be read easily.

Furthermore, these factors will have the communication between them, which will ensure the proper functionality of the project. Even with this structure, the developer needs to leave comments that will make every aspect much more readable by anyone new who uses the code in the future. Since C# is an OOP programming language, this knowledge is an irreplaceable factor in having a successful project in the long run.

3. The Location


The moment you start your search for a proper C# developer, you will see that candidates will come from a wide array of different cities, even countries. If your company is looking for a remote worker, taking a look at the candidate’s location is a must. For instance, if the candidate lives in a different time zone, determining the right moment for communication should be on the top of the list of priorities.

Not to mention that hiring a professional from another country can be a much cheaper option. At the same time, you will not sacrifice any quality. Naturally, it depends totally on the person you decide on. Without any doubt, you can count that this move would save the company thousands of US dollars annually. So, be sure to conduct a careful search for the right candidate, which is not going to be easy.

4. Creativity


Creativity is another determining factor, alongside the knowledge. Surely, we can all agree that creating the simplest, but most efficient solutions should be the goal of every developer. But that doesn’t mean that creative solutions to a problem cannot provide an additional value. In fact, take a look at some creative solutions that have become some sort of standard in this industry. There are countless of them you can find online.

That’s why we believe that having some test every candidate should pass is an important factor to consider. Thankfully, you will be able to find a lot of these on numerous sites. Another option for you is having an experienced C# developer who can create these tests and oversee them. If you don’t have these in your team, then you can make these determinations simply on how much resources these codes would take to perform properly.

5. Reliability


Finally, we want to discuss the question of reliability. We cannot stress how important this is. Just imagine the situation when the company has a deadline for a project, and the developers fail to deliver on time. You will certainly agree that this is not something you would enjoy. So, hiring only developers who can do quality work, and work within rigid time frames is the way to go.

Thankfully, determining this aspect is not as hard as it may look at first glance. Make sure that every candidate provides you with a high-detailed CV, where you can see your previous work experience. Not only that, be sure to ask for some letters of recommendation, which is always a great addition to CV. Inside these, you will see whether someone was satisfied with the candidate’s work in their own companies.

The Bottom Line

Looking for a qualified C# developer is not as easy as many business owners believe. We are talking about the position that can make all the difference in the process of digitalization. Here, you can take a look at some of the most important things to look for in every candidate. Only by using these, you will have a clear insight into what you can expect from that particular developer.