2D animation is perfect for creating explainer videos for your business. Instead of explaining difficult things through simple text and static images, you can add a bit of action and order a professionally made animated explainer video: https://astra-motion.com/services/video-editing/.

Also, there are live-action videos that appeal more real to some people. They can also help you explain difficult things in simple language.

A completely different question is, how much will it all cost? Let’s learn more about different video production prices.

Costs for animated video production

There are several factors to take into account when determining the price of an explainer video. 2D animation is the most prevalent in the sector.

Spending tens of thousands of dollars on an animated explainer video might seem like a dubious investment, particularly if your budget is tight and your company is just getting started and must make other investments before it can even consider spending on additional promo services. But for established companies looking for creative ways to expand, taking chances on animation occasionally rewards you with tangible results.

Source: studiopigeon.com

You can hire different freelancers to create an animated explainer video for your product. This way, you’ll have to find at least three different freelancers:

  • a screenwriter;
  • a voice-over actor;
  • an illustrator;
  • a motion graphics designer to put it all into action.

Moreover, if you plan to add sound to your explainer video, you will also need a sound designer and a good voiceover ‒ that also adds up to the final cost. Different freelancers offer different rates, so creating a stable and non-flexible budget for video production like this is not a good idea.

On the other hand, you have video production agencies like Astra Motion. They already have a team willing to work on your concept for an explainer video from A to Z ‒ from screenwriting and creating a storyboard to doing a voiceover and publishing the video. Basically, you purchase a package of services in this case.

Regardless of the way you will choose for your video to be created, an average price is usually around $5000 ‒ less if you want a simple and short video and more if you want to go into details and create something more visually appealing.

Costs for live-action video production

Source: mowe.studio

The same goes for opting for a live-action video format. You can hire a camera operator and order video editing services, or you can buy a package of relevant services from the video production studio.

It takes more than just turning on a camera and pushing the record button to produce a live-action explainer video that looks totally outstanding. You can locate a studio that will create and edit video content for around $3000 depending on your needs. If you want a professionally produced explainer video, you need a straightforward concept, a good narrative, and a high-quality video and voiceover if you need it. This can cost a lot if you will try looking for these services separately.

Costs for app preview video production

Making your own app preview explanation videos is comparatively simple. The only costs you’ll face are the about $100 you’ll need for voiceover, up to the $1500 you’ll need for video editing tools, and the royalty-free soundtrack, assuming you’re capable of creating the script on your own.

By showing people how your company and application operate, you can increase brand recognition, and get more downloads. An app sample contains no filler frames, and your users will appreciate it if you can clearly describe what your company does in less than half a minute.

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