For long-time pet parents and exceptional animal lovers, dog training would be a natural move towards helping other people who might struggle working with their pets.

Suppose you’re not sure exactly how to get started professionally so that other pet parents find you credible. In that case, there are plenty of superior resources to help with online training, webinars, and methods for gaining adequate certification.

It’s essential to pay attention to the training schools’ credentials (view this website) to ensure their methods are scientifically based. You can reference the “Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers,” with whom a list is maintained of resources that will get you started on your journey.

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Becoming A Certified Dog Training Instructor


Typically, dog lovers who have an interest in working with animals consider dog training among their options. The experience can be gratifying not only because you get to spend your days with dogs, but you can help other pet parents who might struggle to maintain a harmonious household with their furry friends.

The position is not always a pleasant experience since usually a trainer is called when problems have reached their capacity, whether behavioral issues are out of control or pet parents are at their wit’s end.

It can be challenging helping a pet parent who sees no happy ending in sight. That means if your only credentials are being a pet parent and training your dog alone, you might have your work cut out for you. Find out why you should be a dog trainer at Some tips to follow if you want to pursue dog training:

Apprentice with other pets

While training with your own dog is beneficial, your dog wants you to love them and appreciate their good behavior, plus they know you will forgive their inappropriate behavior.

A client is not going to be so gracious. An excellent trainer will have more than one method for training to accommodate different moods, personalities, and behaviors.

While one technique might work with your dog, it might be completely ineffective with another pup. Another animal might require a different approach, and if you’re a good trainer, you’ll have many tricks up your sleeve. The best way to practice strategies and polish training techniques is with other dogs, whether they belong to friends, family, or even pets you meet at the dog park or local shelter.

A better idea is to apprentice with a professional dog trainer to learn specific training techniques and have greater access to unfamiliar dogs with someone monitoring your methods and helping to guide you as you develop.

Train pet parents to work with their dogs.


One big misconception is that dog trainers train the pet parent and not the dog. These professionals are teaching people. You’re enlightening people on how to work with a pet. In this way, you can shape their skills and help to develop their success. In other words, you need to have people skills; even if you would rather work with a dog over a person, it’s essential to understand and motivate the client.

No matter how many dogs you work with successfully, until you get the human component under your belt, you only have half the package. Again, you can work with those who are familiar with you. Still, until you work with strangers like in an apprentice setting, you don’t really gain the necessary experience you need to go out as a professional dog trainer.

Bonus: Why Would Someone Need a Dog Trainer?

Okay, now when you know how to become a dog trainer, there is probably one question that you have. You may not find the reason to become one. Being a dog lover is sometimes not going to be enough. If you are a dog owner that trained his dog alone, then you would probably think that no one else needs one as well. Fortunately for you, something like that is far away from the truth.

People need dog trainers a lot, and there are a couple of reasons why they would want to hire you. It is up to you to do good marketing and improve your skills to the fullest. However, without knowing the reasons why they need you, promoting your business properly won’t be possible. Let’s find out those reasons together!

Lack of Time to Focus on Dog Training


There are always two different groups of people that do not share the same opinion. Generally, it is questionable whether people that work too hard every single day should adopt a puppy or not. If they can ensure the best possible living conditions, then why would something like that be a problem?

Dog training requires time without any doubt. Even if the person knows some tricks, repeating the same thing again and again can sometimes take days or even weeks. That is the reason why someone would rather hire a professional dog trainer who will train the dog instead of them.

Lack of Knowledge

Most dog owners will know how to teach their puppy to sit. Yet, that command often won’t be enough to discipline a dog and ensure his safety. When people do not know something, they have two different options – to improve their knowledge or to hire someone who already possesses the knowledge.

Many people would rather decide on the second move. As mentioned, lack of time is the number one problem that people have. Improving their skills is going to be time-consuming. Because of that, many people will consider your service helpful and time-saving. We already said that you are not just training the dogs – your duty will be to train the owners as well. It is much easier for them to apply your pieces of advice than to watch videos on YouTube or read books.

They Want Additional Entertainment


Despite the love that people feel whenever they see a dog on the streets, the reason why they decide to adopt one is entertainment. However, if they do not train their dog properly, there is a big chance the time they spend with them is not going to be that interesting. Dog trainers have the ability to teach dogs (and owners as well) some advanced skills that they can use to make their free time more entertaining. Many owners are aware of that, and they will not hesitate to give you their money to get something like that.

They Worry about Dog Safety

Finally, safety is the main reason why people will hire you. Dogs that are not disciplined can often find themselves in trouble. This especially counts if you live in some major towns where hundreds or thousands of vehicles pass every single day. The only way to explain to your dog that getting out on the street is dangerous is by appropriate training. However, if owners do not have time or they simply do not know how to do that, the only option they have is to connect with people like you.

Final Thought

Once you get a handle on working with the pups and the pet parents and take adequate courses acquiring the necessary certifications, it’s time to jump into professional training. You will need to sign on with a professional organization such as the “Association of Professional Dog Trainers.”

Pet parents will look for membership in organizations like these for a commitment to the profession. Still, also, these organizations offer invaluable information and course offerings to keep up to date on continued education.

Besides that, an establishment with this type of organization will allow you placement in their database, giving you recognition to potential clients as a dog trainer and easy accessibility as such. If you want to be taken seriously in the field of dog training, you need to take adequate steps towards that path.