Summer is all about spending time in nature, camping, hiking, walking, or chilling at a beach. When we’re not fighting off mosquitos, that is. There is nothing better than relaxing in your hammock with a cold drink in your hand. However, hot summer weather makes it difficult for us to keep our beverages cool. Of course, there are solutions that can solve your problem if you’re ready to do your research. So, how much do you value your cold drink in the summer?

There are many different types and sizes of mini-fridges and which one you should choose depends largely on how many people will use it, whether you’re about to keep in in your RV or take it with you. So, here are your options.

The size of the fridge

Some smaller fridges, around 25L and under, are going to keep your soda cans and lunch cool, and are quite portable. They are a good choice for a smaller group of people and for shorter periods. If you want to do some more research on mini-fridges, you can find more details here.

Fridges of around 35 liters are going to be enough for you and your adventure partner for a weekend. These are a perfect size for me and my escapades and adventures which usually include just two people. However, many seem to need something a bit bigger. In that case, your options are 50L, 60 – 65L, or go for 80+L. In my opinion, the fridges that go over 80L are a bit too much. They aren’t that portable due to their size and weight and can prove to be a bit inconvenient. They do, however, provide more than enough space for a week away with a big group.

The types

You can also choose from different types of fridges.

Thermoelectric fridge is a good choice for short-term use. These work by using a pump to transfer heat from one side to the other. Unlike compressor fridges, these are pretty quiet except for the fan that you’ll be able to hear from time to time. This is also probably the cheapest option.

Compressor fridge uses a liquid which vaporizes and moves through coils and tubes while the fan is blowing air through them. I wouldn’t call them loud, but the fan does make a humming noise. They can also come in the form of a cool box or a drawer. Sometimes, they include a freezer compartment which you won’t find with the thermoelectric fridges.

Absorption fridge, on the other hand, doesn’t have a motor so it’s a lot quieter than the first two options. These are, unlike thermoelectric ones, good for long-term use and you can easily keep them close to where you sleep as they’re not making a lot of noise.

Potentially the best choice for a vacation would be a combination of a high-quality compressor fridge with a solar panel. Furthermore, these fridges are easy to install as you won’t have to cut ventilation holes in the side of the van (if the van is where you’re going to keep it.)