Winter season is coming to an end, and more pleasant and beautiful weather is upon us. Soon you will spend much more time outside than you do inside of your home. Therefore, if you have a front or a backyard, spring and summer, and even fall season comes with tons of opportunities to spend time surrounded by your loved ones one step closer to nature.

Barbeques, birthdays, family gatherings, and late night parties with friends during sunny days and warm evenings are best spent in your yard. However, what about the actual places you will use for this comfort? Regular tables, chairs, and benches can serve the purpose of course, but why settle for this? If you are able and willing, why not invest in a rattan garden furniture set and make your garden feel and look like it belongs to a resort.

Read along to find out how to choose a perfect set of furniture that will make it hard for you to leave the garden and go inside of your home.

Which Rattan Garden Furniture Type Should I Pick?

If we got your attention in the previous paragraphs and you are still reading, we are glad. Picking the right set of rattan furniture can seem tricky, but is actually quite easy if you are set on getting one.

First of all, decide on the size and amount of the furniture pieces you need. How big is your garden? How many people do usually come to your home? How big is your immediate family? How much extra space do you need? Do you want a table as well, or just the sitting area? Do I need a 6 seater rattan garden furniture, or will a 4 seater be enough? All of this has to be decided on before you venture to the nearest furniture store.

Next comes the design and color. When you look at the rest of your garden, determine which color will suit the overall look and vibe the best. Consider the color of the house, the fences, gates, surrounding objects, and plants. If you already have a theme, great! Just pick the right color you think will tie the garden together. Most places offer black, brown, grey, white and green shades.

Perhaps even more important esthetically are the cushions. Most rattan furniture has cushions to sit on, and cushions to lean on. Color and design of these is sometimes more noticeable than the furniture itself, but the same type of planning is involved. Take into account everything else you have in the yard and pick away. Cushions come in many more colors and shades than rattan furniture, so you can probably find your pick.

Design and Materials

Rattan furniture has a modern, contemporary design. Sets are easily assembled and have complete flexibility. You can arrange them any way you see fit, keep it together or take the pieces apart. They will look attractive in any combination at any garden. The sets usually come with several sofas, stools, and tables, as well as base, back, and scatter cushions.

When it comes to the materials, rattan garden furniture is made from a durable PE rattan material. It is completely waterproof, as well as UV resistant. This means the color will not fade from constant exposure to the sun. The frames to which the rattan is fixed is made from powder coated aluminum. It does not rust easily, nor is it prone to roughing up or deforming. It is capable of sustaining any weather conditions and can be left outside all year long.

So there you have it, everything you need to know about garden furniture. Now go on and check out all the different types of Outsunny rattan garden furniture, pick your own, and enjoy great weather and nature with the closest people in your life.