To become successful you need to master every hour of the day… Especially in the morning.


By following this list

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1. Act As If

Act confident and you’ll feel confident. Similarly, smile and you’ll be happier. A morning smile cures the soul. This resonates with William James’ “Act as if” principle which suggests that our behaviors affect our emotions.

A study by Wayne University compared how often baseball players smiled with how long they lived and found that smiley players outlived their peers by two years.

2. Get enough sleep

“Only the Hitlers of the world work at night; no honest artist does.” – W. H. Auden

What happens when you don`t enough sleep? Your heart suffers, you lose balance, overeat and feel anxious.

Sleep between seven and nine hours every night. Studies say your brain is most productive in the morning. If you are struggling to fall asleep, click here to see how.

Check less to reduce stress

Mornings are to refresh and plan, not saddening you with other’s negativity. “Checking the web the first thing in the morning hijacks your morning routine,” says Tristen Harris, Google’s former Design Ethicist.

So, brainstorm the three most positive things you’d love, then do them tomorrow morning instead of checking Facebook.

Start with affection

Hug someone you love. It releases Oxytocin – the love hormone – which benefits your body and mood.

Morning lovemaking, according to a Nottingham University study, makes you happy and productive.  Another study by Yale found that touching among NBA players – i.e., fist bumping, clapping, hugging, etc. – improved their performance and team spirit.

Do one push-up

Morning exercise reduces blood pressure by 10 percent according to a study by Appalachian State University. Another one by the American Journal of Psychiatry, says that exercising one hour a week slims the chances of you developing depression by 44 percent.

Wait, what? One hour? Yes…. Sounds easy, but yet some people skip it.

My advice, start with just one push-up every morning. One moves the needle because it’s so easy to do, and will inspire you to do more.

Start with what you can do

“Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.” – Arthur Ashe

Want a formula for a good day at work? Write all the things you CAN do today, take that paper to work, and don’t come home till you cross +80 percent of it.

Draw strong mental pictures

“After coaching thousands of people, I can say that your imagination decides how big your checkbook. If you can dream it, you can do it.” – Jim Camp

Visualization WORKS. Want proof? Try it yourself.

For five minutes, I want you to draw an inspiring image of your future self and run it over and over in your head. Do this enough times and you’ll break walls, spit fire and conquer all your goals.