Friendship is a hard thing to explain today in contrast to 20 years ago. Taking in mind the rapid evolution of new technologies, smart gadgets, online world vs. real world, people can easily be misguided. Seemingly confusing at first, we all want to be appreciated and accepted with who we are from others.

Our personal theories, arguments, attitude towards life, in general, are the main topics when starting a conversation and potential friendship. And that leaves us with the conclusion that if we want to make friends, we need to acquire certain social skills and have an open mind.

Look, the silly thing is when you become a slave to the well-known stereotypes of meeting people. The group of friends that you have met while growing up and attended school as well as your colleagues are usually the ones you spend time with. Staying in your comfort zone of friendship is not uncommon and some people don’t find it easy to meet new people from different spheres of life.

But exploring the whole world of possibilities besides it is a totally different topic to speak about. If you want to consider such an approach, it will boost and upgrade your social awareness of others, and you almost instantly. Give yourself a chance to experience this and see what you can become in a short period – an amazingly fashionable, happy, and satisfied friend.

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We all know that the first steps are the hardest in any field of life. Accepting that you are eager to gain friends outside your natural comfort zone is the crucial step to make. After leaping from your everyday social-circle, you may soon realize that changes are happening in your life. Firstly, you will develop a continuously evolving way of thinking and understanding. Secondly, that will push you even further down the path of searching and finding the same quality in people that you require. Both steps mentioned above are necessary for having success in gaining friends outside your country, region, or continent.

Accepting Cultural Differences

Your behavior, along with your communication skills, is essential in the part where you are contacting another person from a foreign country. Consider investing some time educating yourself about cultural and traditional differences surrounding the potential friend’s homeland, which will allow you to understand their point of view entirely.

While communication can be the fun part, researching, and lacking information around topics of similar interest can be the less fun part to mention. The history of the cultural inheritance of any location in the world brings lots of benefits to the table. Remember, all info gathered through meeting people around the globe is priceless.

Traditional Boundaries

We tend to forget that knowing someone’s background doesn’t mean the same as respecting its tradition. All people who communicate online will deal with this fact each day, and preparing yourself will allow your personal-growth in this field.

If you don’t know and respect the tradition of your country, how can you expect to do it with a new one? Traditional boundaries represent an essential part of gaining friends online and are more of a refreshing innovation in the knowledge of many of us. Learning while gaining acquaintances around the globe will move your personal, emotional, mental, and physical boundaries. The same effect it had on me when I opted for Camsurf and when I met tons of new people.


When answering to the topic of this article, you can’t avoid the much-needed work on your self-presentation. It would be best if you didn’t think being yourself is the only option you have in online communication. Consider another approach, and you might increase your chances of building trust in a long term online friendship.

We suggest putting your best behavior and manners when introducing yourself to someone for the first time and giving it time to settle in. Everybody is nervous when they want to make a good impression at the start of a relationship of any kind what so ever. Logically, this will allow you to develop into a stage of online conservation where both sides will speak more sincerely on any topic.

Share Experience

The majority of people tend to find that expressing themself clearly and honestly as a hard task to achieve without being personally vulnerable. No one is expecting you to share your most profound and dear emotional memories if they don’t open up to you first online.

Still, sharing your general life-experience of different situations at the office, traveling impressions, and of course, family gatherings are usual in any country in the world. Hearing how people go through the mentioned circumstances on their life path will make your personal experience easier to state. You will not only tell your story but will listen to numerous amount of engaging life-changing experiences.

Learn New Languages


Besides the above-stated suggestions which can boost your online search for friends, learning new languages is a natural consequence of the procedure. Whether you intended or not to participate in studying a new language, you will be so involved that it is unavoidable. Online gaining friends demands constant improvement in your and foreign language eloquence.  Although most people think that knowing English will be enough, they will quickly realize that it may not be enough.


When online friendships have a long history of constant communication, you will see how often you will visit new destinations. Because of the plans you may be constructing, we suggest that you create free time during which you will research a certain country or region.  Spending time online chatting on a foreign language about exciting topics will help you speed up the process. Traveling around the world is another natural consequence of gaining friends online all over the globe. Take part in events around the world online or live if you have a chance, and boost your social-circle of friends with this article and enjoy the moment.