Carpet can be an expensive accessory for your room. A good, beautiful, high-quality carpet can make your home look interesting, give it warmth, and bring different parts of the room together. It is, however, also a very nice spot for your pet to sleep on. It attracts stains, dirt, and hair resulting in a dirty and potentially smelly carpet. If you wish to always have a clean and fresh-looking carpet in your home, you have to maintain it properly. Just vacuuming it once a month isn’t quite enough especially if you have toddlers who like crawling over them or pets that sleep and roll on them.

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1. Professional deep cleaning

Even though you can do a lot for your carpet by yourself, it’s important to give it a professional deep cleaning every once in a while. When it comes to professional Carpet Cleaning Destin, Fl has some seriously good options. The experts at Valid Pick recommend the use of dry carpet cleaning powders instead of using a vacuum.

2. Vacuum

You should vacuum at least once a week, but you can do it more often if you have kids and pets. Dirt is easily caught in carpets and the longer it stays there, the harder it will be to remove it. One way you can minimize the amount of dirt that is getting to your carpet is by removing your shoes before entering your home. Putting a bit of soda on your carpet and letting it sit a couple of minutes prior to vacuuming can help remove odors from your carpet and give it a nice, fresh smell. When preparing to vacuum make sure that your bar and/or filter is clean because dirty bag and filter will cause the suction of your carpet to be cut in half. Replace and wash your filters regularly to make sure your vacuum is working properly.

3. Deal with stains as soon as possible

Stains are harder to remove the longer they stay on the carpet. Be careful not to smudge it! Buy a high-quality stain remover that is compatible with the fabric of your carpet. Spills should be soaked up fast and efficiently. Try not to use colored cloths as they can transfer color to your carpet making things a lot worse.

4. Trim, trim, trim

Yes, your carpet needs to be trimmed from time to time. In case you see a snag, instead of pulling it and making the problem worse, take scissors and cut the snag to prevent it from damaging your carpet further.

5. Stay away from shady discount carpet cleaners

Since this is one of those “you get what you pay for” types of situations, don’t try to get the “best deal” from carpet cleaners. If it sounds to good to be true, it probably is. You can often be left with residual soap on your carpet that can cause long-term damage.

6. Keep pets off the carpet

It’s understandable that your cat will love to sleep on a soft, fluffy carpet, but if you want your carpet to last long, you’ll try to keep the cat off of it. A nice, comfortable cat bed should fix your issue. Or a box for that matter, since it seems cats just can’t stay out of boxes.