Game consoles appeared a long time ago. Back in the early 90s, everyone bought NES and Sega. Much has changed since then. The old consoles were replaced by modern models with stunning, realistic graphics. Besides, for fans of mobile gadgets, special console emulator apps have been developed. They allow you to play your favorite games on the smartphone. You can learn the emulator apps on freeappsforme.

Game consoles are equipped with powerful processors and can access the Internet. Besides, the user can watch videos and play audio files.

Analyzing new products and making a choice in the direction of one model, there are always contradictions because they have everything you need for an exciting vacation. But, some nuances will help you choose a great game console.

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What to pay attention to

Most of the modern consoles are designed on a single model, which consists of a standard filling. When buying, you should know the following aspects:

  • type of set-top boxes: fixed or mobile;
  • PlayStation, Xbox or Nintendo;
  • generation of the console.

It is worth remembering that most of the modern games are available on all consoles. And whatever console you choose, you can enjoy the new products in any case.

Is it mobile or stationary?

Stationary consoles are ideal for gamers. They have a powerful processor that allows you to play the latest generation games with excellent and most realistic graphics.

If you need a small model that you can take with you on the road or use, for example, at work, it is better to buy a mobile version. The Mobile set-top box is certainly good, but it has a weak processor. Therefore it does not support all games. But even among them, you can find the fancy models that will meet all the requirements.

Today, game consoles are represented in a wide variety. Current stationary models at the moment:

  • Sony PlayStation 4;
  • Xbox One;
  • Nintendo Wii.

Actual mobile consoles:

  • PlayStation Vita;
  • Nintendo Switch;
  • Nintendo 2DS.

Before buying, make sure that the set of available games includes exactly those that are interesting to you. As for mobile consoles, all the games that you will install will be exclusive.

Which console is better?

Modern stationary models are full of different tricks, but they are not always fundamental. Let’s try to figure out which of the popular consoles is better.

Sony PlayStation

Sony PlayStation is one of the most popular gaming platforms in today’s market. That is why most of the modern games and new products come from here.

Game consoles of this company produce quite high-quality models, which have good stuffing and have long developed an excellent multiplayer system.


  1. A lot of games.
  2. It can be used with PS Vita.
  3. The newest virtual reality platform.
  4. There is a subscription for which you can get DLC and games.
  5. It is possible to test games that have not yet been released and to test some projects.
  6. It is possible to access most projects before other users.


  1. High cost. And not only the set-top box itself is expensive, but also its accessories.
  2. Rapid heating.
  3. Games require a subscription.
  4. Uncomfortable multimedia player interface.

Of course, this set-top box has its shortcomings, but gamers do not pay attention to it. Today, this is the most popular model on the market. And this popularity is justified. This is because Sony has the opportunity to receive new products from game developers. That’s why new games are constantly coming out

Microsoft Xbox

Microsoft Xbox is another good model that deserves attention. Today, this firm is considered a competitor to Sony. To attract customers, developers are constantly inventing something new and improving. Almost every month there are new games. But, despite all the efforts, the company cannot come to the first place.


  1. Different programs and game novelties.
  2. Windows 10 Platform.
  3. It is possible to download games from both the publisher and other developers.
  4. TV set-top box function.
  5. Ability to view video and listen to audio files.
  6. A lot of additional features that allow you to connect the set-top box to your tablet, phone, or computer.
  7. Availability of a program that allows you to play mobile games.


  1. Minimum of free games.
  2. The operating system is not powerful enough.

This console does not attract to the game, it is better to call it a media center. The platform allows you to use the TV as a PC. The player can minimize games and transfer to your computer, and there to continue.

Nintendo Wii

Nintendo Wii is a good game console for playing games. Gamers will appreciate it because all the new features are available almost immediately. But if you’ve paid attention to this particular game console, it’s better to buy it as an additional one.


  1. Suitable for mobile games.
  2. The ability to be the first to get the new stuff.
  3. It is possible to play both new games and old projects.


  1. Minimum of games.
  2. Weak operating system.
  3. No multiplayer projects.
  4. Most games require additional accessories.

This game console is quite peculiar. And if you are looking for a gadget for family games and entertainment, it is better to pay attention to other popular consoles.

Console Generation

New models appear approximately every 5 years. But this does not mean that the old ones should be thrown out. They will still be relevant for several years.

If you decide to buy a game console, it is better to buy a new generation console. The novelty will be relevant for another 10 years and all this period you can download and play the novelties.

Gaming consoles of the past generation have several pros and cons.


  1. Low price for accessories and consoles.
  2. Suitable for older TV models.
  3. Cheap games.
  4. New projects are released every month.


  1. Updates may stop coming out at any time.
  2. Flagship novelties are not released;

This console can be purchased if your budget does not allow you to buy an expensive model with all the tricks. But remember that soon you will not receive updates and your game console will be just useless object that takes up space on the shelf. In the end, you still have to buy a new model that allows you to play modern games.

Other game consoles

Of course, you can also find other game consoles in a specialized shop. For example, 8- or 16-bit consoles are much cheaper. But the games there are of a different level.

The differences between the game console and the PC

Gamers around the world are divided into those who prefer to play on a computer and those who choose video game consoles. Both options have their pros and cons. Of course, a console is a good option. But more games are coming to the computer, and updates are coming out much earlier.

To play the game console you need to connect to the TV. If you have only one, it will be a problem. Buying a game console immediately buy an extra TV.

Of course, it’s up to you to buy a computer or a game console. The final factor in the choice is played by financial opportunities. But remember, no matter what game console you buy, it is important that it is new and meets all the stated requirements.