Of the most fundamental things you need to do when searching for the perfect look, giving emphasis to your waist occupies the number one place. We know that it’s one of the most feminine things in this world-shaping our bodies and making our curves more noticeable. Never forget that your image counts a lot to people. Whether we like it or not, most of the time we are judged by how we look and it is up to you to learn to get the most out of it.

The world of fashion is truly magical – many times choosing the right clothes and combining them in a logical way (not just popping random combinations) can make us look significantly thinner, fatter or taller. And all that starting simply from combining a few pieces.


It’s a great way to discover and cherish the great power that outfits have to call attention to our feminine image and that little, irresistible waist that we all dream of – without or with diets or exercises.

Not all of us were born experts, but you should know how to combine your outfits well in order to get the most out of them. That’s why we’re bringing you some super cool advice on how to accentuate your waist and show what you have.

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Wear high-waisted trousers, jeans or skirts


These are the ultimate clothing pieces that visually reduce and stretch out the waist. Don’t be afraid to invest some money in trousers or skirts with a belt that go over your belly and begin at the narrowest part of the waist. Once you start wearing them, the attention will be directed to your waist and your belly will look flatter than ever.

High-waisted outfits shouldn’t be missing from your wardrobe – they shape your bottom differently, lengthen the torso and the figure. A garment that fits perfectly at your waist can do wonders: it creates a great visual effect as it reduces the waist while widening the hips.

Vertical stripes

You’ve probably heard that the horizontal stripes could make you look wider, while the vertical ones make you look thinner and taller. In addition to being very popular, vertical stripes will enhance your styling and highlight your waistline, whether you’re wearing a classic T-shirt or a simple, ordinary shirt.

Wide-leg pants


The wider silhouette at the bottom part of your body can truly have a marvelous effect when it comes to contrasting between the waist and those wide trouser legs. One encounter with this garment will be more than enough to fall completely in love with the effect it has on the appearance of your body.

Peplum waist tops


The classic ’40s silhouette has been on the trend for several seasons – and for good reason. Peplum is usually added above the waist, which means that it stands out and simultaneously covers the stomach – a double gain. It’s so chic and feminine – you feel as if you were a proud owner of the cutest mini-waist in the world. Our recommendation: combine it with jeans, tight pants or tube skirts for best results.

Wrap dresses

Twist-and-tie dresses became a total hit in the 1970s and are considered one of the best designs to date. Styles vary in materials and aesthetics, but regardless of the designer, the V-neck and waist-narrowing material might truly do some magic together.

This style of dress is tied perfectly at the waist to create a reducing and flattering look. These garments give our waist a more stylized figure effect, as well as highlighting the shape of your breasts, making you look attractive and provocative. You should find one that you like best and always keep it as the most versatile garment in your wardrobe.

Belted jacket…


Belted jackets and coats are the ideal piece of clothing that automatically tighten the waistline. If your coat doesn’t have a belt, you can simply put another belt of the same color around your waist – and the problem is solved.

…or just a belt!

The easiest way to get an hourglass figure? Put on your belt! Yes, it’s that simple. The strap draws attention to the center section and therefore calls attention to the waist. Get yourself a trendy, super stylish medium-width belt to wear with your favorite jeans and shirt tucked into them. Certainly, since wide belts have come back as super fashionable items, there’s absolutely no reason to avoid getting some of these.

Add volume at the top

If your breasts are naturally big, you should also know that your waist automatically looks narrower – yeah, you’re one of those lucky chicks.  However, this doesn’t mean (not at all!) that the solution lies in large breasts –  the solutions are blouses and shirts with volumed sleeves on or large lapel coats.



This type of wide skirt plays an important role in focusing attention to your figure. It makes your waist look smaller thanks to its breadth. Start above the waist, those skirts are perfect to achieve this goal, as it also gives a certain volume to our hips. Combine it with short tops or shirts which you can tuck in.  However, if you have a triangle-shaped body, it’s best to avoid these garments, since this type of build is characterized by a small waist and wide hips – and you don’t want to emphasize this difference.

Waist trainers


However, if you still aren’t fully satisfied with your waist, then you might want to think about some waist trainers or a corset. Wearing this type of clothes will always make your torso stand out much more and look much narrower, even if you have a couple of love handles. Waist trainers are made of an elastic material (usually latex or rubber), have a clasp with metal hooks and those of the best quality immediately reduce approximately 3 to 5 cms of your waist. That’s why HauteFlair offers so many various pieces – you can choose the color and the material, but also the design, with many more other things included.