At times, you may be expecting a UPS shipment but realize that you have lost the tracking number. Probably you had a mix up of emails and accidentally deleted the priority mail tracking number that is usually sent before the shipment process begins?

Tracking a package is easy, but if you lose your order number, it may be a challenge. Don’t panic; various avenues of tracing UPS shipments are available to assist genuine clients who want to know the exact location of their parcels.

Contacting the customer support team of the shipping company may not produce satisfactory results since the representatives expect you to have the order number. Although UPS may be of little help at times, you can still trace your package without a UPS number. Below are ways to track your package without a UPS number.

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Read the Confirmation Email

Usually, the sender is the one who gives the recipient of the parcel all relevant information regarding the order details before dispatch. It is advisable to go back to your email list and locate the specific communication confirming that your package is in transit. Most senders ensure that the number is in the email as a backup.

However, some prompt you to click a link that will direct to the website of the courier company. You will retrieve the order details, including the track order number. Alternatively, if you still can’t get the tracking ID, contact the UPS support assistants at the official website. Its representatives may offer quick assistance in locating shipments without order numbers. 

Register for UPS My Choice

If you want to cushion yourself from shipping mishaps such as a lost ID, sign up for a free service known as UPS My Choice. It is a convenient method of accurately identifying the status of your package. Once you register, UPS integrates your details to the system and automatically sends you important updates regarding the delivery of all parcels to your physical address.

The calendar view allows you to trace multiple shipments conveniently whether you are using your PC or a mobile device. If you sign up, it will be easy to track all your parcels even if you don’t have the tracking ID at hand. Late deliveries will be a thing of the past since you can request speedy delivery or indicate a specific time frame when you want your parcel delivered. Also, it allows you to change the location of your package at a small cost.

Tracking by Reference

Another effective way of tracking a package is by using the ‘Track by Reference’ option. It is on the tracking page of the UPS website. Before the shipping process begins, you can assign the packages reference names or numbers beside their numbers. Feel free to choose one according to your preference – order number of the purchase, recipient’s mobile number, email address, or brief package description.

If you lose your number, visit the site and go to its track and trace page. Look for a field option labeled ‘Track by Reference.’ Fill in the reference number and shipment date. The system will automatically retrieve your parcel details when you click the track button. If you want to trace your parcel by using the reference feature, it is imperative to double-check whether the sender allocated the shipment a reference name or number. 

Postal Tracking

Most courier companies have strong partnerships with the US Postal Service (USPS) to ensure parcels reach even the smallest towns. UPS is no exception; it has ties with USPS, which handles the final shipping phase that guarantees smooth parcel delivery on time and in good condition.

When the parcel arrives at the post office, notification alerts will automatically stop even with a UPS order number. If you experience this scenario and want to locate your package, copy and paste the code from the site to the USPS tracking page. The postal service takes over the tracing services and retrieves all the parcels from UPS. It conveniently displays the status of your shipment.

International Tracking

UPS offers international tracking services via – a global tracking company that allows you to trace your parcel from anywhere across the world. Quick and dependable solutions of this service enable customers to locate their shipments and find out the delivery date.

Here you’ll always get efficient web tracking services as soon as you register and open a personal account on the website. It allows you to customize subscriptions to get up-to-date notification alerts whenever the shipment status changes. Apart from preventing parcel loss, such service enhances accountability and transparency of shipment companies.