We live in the 21st century and everyone’s top priority should be education. We are not talking only about the good job and high salary you can get if you have a degree, but also about the opportunity to improve your skills, investigate the world and see what it can offer you. Everyone should have a birthright to a quality education. Here are the benefits of a good education and also what qualities should a great teacher possess.

The first benefit and the most obvious one is the possibility to build a successful career. If you have a college degree and are specialized in some area of expertise, you will have a greater opportunity to land a good job which gives you enough room for improvement. It is quite simple.


A person who has a higher education is more likely to succeed in his career. People with higher education can choose to work anywhere they want and they can also set their own demands when it comes to the job environment. Even if they start at a low paid position, they can improve their knowledge and over time climb the corporate ladder to a high paying position.


On the other hand, people who don’t have a good education background, have to settle with any job they can get in order to earn money and survive. Don’t be fooled, those jobs don’t bring in big bucks and they also require a lot of manual work thus they are pretty exhausting.

Secondly, the school makes you grow as a human being. While in school, you are constantly challenged with different subjects that require different kinds of skills. At some, you will be excellent, however, you will most definitely struggle with others, and this is also a great thing. Why? Well, it will teach you qualities such as patience and responsibility. These are two qualities you will most certainly need in your adult life. You will also learn how to solve problems and persist in completing your tasks.


Furthermore, since you’ll be surrounded by people all day, every day, you will develop your social and communication skills. For certain, you will meet many different people of different qualities and personalities and you will be forced to learn how to talk and behave towards all of them. This will also help you to build your self-confidence; you will gain a perspective and learn how to form your own opinion of many different matters.

Equally important are the teachers who are going to guide you through your education years. Teachers have to master their organization and preparation skills as well as to build a strong work ethic. How do they do that? Well, teachers also go to school to learn these skills i.e. they attend courses at different kinds of institutes such as Guru Pendidikan Institute.


Through these courses, they learn how to develop and improve the basic skills they are required to possess in order to be a good teacher. As you can see, not only do they have to be experts at the subject they are teaching but also, they have to have great communication and listening skills.

In addition, they have to be approachable and friendly in order to create close and honest relationships with their students. Being a teacher is not all about teaching the curriculum. Many students look up to their teachers, they see them as role models, and more then often, they ask their teachers for guidance and help. Simply put, not everyone can be a teacher.

As said above, everyone should have the opportunity to learn, grow and develop their personality. We have only mentioned some of the benefits that good education brings and what skills one should possess in order to successfully shape the minds of tomorrow.