Malfunctions related to electric equipment are the main reason for the biggest explosions and accidents in any industry. If a company is looking for ways to avoid such fires and mishappenings, it must learn about hazardous location lighting. The types of lighting that are used in homes are very dangerous for the industrial environment.

Do you want to save your property from any fires or explosions? If yes, then you have landed on the right platform. Various manufacturers worked hard to bring a solution that can be helpful for industries in saving them from these accidents. That solution is known as hazardous location lighting. In this article, we will have a look at this concept in great depth.

The standard LED that we use in our houses can be a significant threat to the industries, so only some specifically designed LEDs are used in such a dangerous environment. It is essential to ensure the safety of the workers as well as the property. In case you need help with its buying guide, then consider checking out

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In simpler terms, the hazardous location lighting phrase refers to the lighting system mainly designed to work in an environment with unusual conditions. It is primarily used in areas where there are high risks of explosions or fires.

Due to the presence of high temperatures or dust particles, various electrical equipment can easily catch fire. However, you don’t have to worry much about it now because some standard lighting systems have been designed for such dangerous areas.


As already mentioned above, the most significant advantage of using such lights is to keep the industries safe from any mishappenings, especially fires. It ensures the safety of the employees as well as the property. In this system, special wirings and connections are used, making it completely different from the ones we have in our houses. Here, multiple layers of insulations are used to ensure that it could handle it easily when the temperature rises.



We have been talking about the hazardous locations since the beginning of this article but do you know which industries are dangerous and require such unique lights? Let us break this for you in simpler terms. The industrial areas that include working with flammable liquids, vapors, gases, combustible dust particles, or any other material that can ignite or catch fire easily are dangerous and prone to accidents such as explosions.

Some other organizations might also need hazardous lighting, such as the plants that treat wastewater. Even various agricultural materials like flour are also known to be combustible.

Apart from this, even the clothing industry can also come under this category because it generates various dust particles that can cause ignition. The best part is that you don’t have to make wild guesses because these industries can be easily identified by knowing their standard conditions. If their standard conditions are abnormal that it is categorized under dangerous areas.


1. Specifically designed to be explosion-proof:

If you closely notice the standard LEDs generally used at home, you will find that its design involves exposure of the wirings, bulbs, and switches to the environment. This can easily lead to mishappenings, which is why they are not used in various industries. The specially designed Hazloc LEDs help in the prevention of sparks and are therefore explosion-proof.

2. Offers more durability and toughness:


The fixtures of the explosion-free hazloc LEDs are made up of sturdy materials, so they offer more durability and toughness than the standard ones. A tough fixture is capable of withstanding the harsh conditions that are present in the industries. It is the first choice of the operators as it’s a fixture that is not easily damaged, and also it requires very low maintenance.

3. Highly efficient:

When it comes to the efficiency part, then Hazloc LEDs are the best. They operate on very low power, and also, there is zero or very low heat discharge from them. It helps the industries to save energy, which ultimately means saving more money. Therefore, if you are searching for lighting solutions for your industries, then Hazloc LEDs are suitable for this purpose as they provide more efficiency than standard LEDs.

4. Offers more mobility:


The sturdy fixtures designed to hold the LEDs are beneficial even for withstanding the vibrations caused in the industries. That is why it can be easily transported from one place to another without worrying about its breakage or any damage. Therefore, this lighting system is highly portable and is suitable for operators who need illumination in conditions of moving or mobility.

5. Does not contain mercury:

Another advantage of hazloc Lights is that they do not have mercury, which sets another difference between them and other standard LEDs. As it does not have mercury, it means that it reduces the cost of disposal. So, why would anyone not have such an environmentally friendly source of light in their industries?


Various industries are exposed to very high temperatures and abnormal environmental conditions, so it is common to see mishappenings or explosions in these industries. Most of these accidents happen because of electrical equipment. Therefore, it is always suggested to use hazardous location lighting at such places.

Hazloc LEDs not only help to prevent explosions but offer various other benefits. Protecting the life of the workers and saving your property as well is extremely important. Therefore, any industry that works with flammable materials must use Hazloc LEDs to avoid the risks of fires and accidents.