Some people are no longer happy with their Macbook’s performance. It is no surprise that older computer models are underperforming. But is getting rid of your old Mac and buying a new computer is the only option? While that is one of the possible choices, you can still do a lot of things to try and improve your current Macbook performance.

If you are at a point where using a Macbook is almost impossible due to all the crashing or stuttering, but cannot afford to buy a new computer just yet, read this guide and find out how to enhance Mac’s performance.

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Idea #1 – Get a Cooling Pad

A cooling pad is a nice addition to your setup. The accessory can be a life-saver for those who have to use a Macbook in a poorly ventilated room, or if it is too hot outside.

It is worth mentioning that there are reasons other than hot outside temperatures that make Macbooks overheat. Too much dust and dirt inside the computer is also a hindrance as it prevents internal fans from working efficiently. Not to mention that all that filth inside poses a threat to the internal hardware. In addition to buying a cooling pad, you should also get in the habit of regularly removing dust and dirt from inside the Macbook.

Idea #2 – Free up Hard Drive Space

Do not end up in a position where you have only a few gigabytes of free space on the hard drive. HDDs or SSDs of Macbooks are not that great, so it can be difficult to fit every file you want. What are your options if you are running out of disk space? Well, there are a few things you can do to free up disk space.

For starters, delete files you no longer need. That includes old applications, email attachments, downloads, and temporary junk. Transfer data to Dropbox, iCloud, and external storage devices. Lastly, if you like to consume media, subscribe to streaming services and forget about downloading media files if you want to consume them.

Idea #3 – Disable Visual Effects

Visual effects offer nothing of significant value. It may look exciting when you purchase a new Mac but very soon you won;t even notice the visual effects anymore. You are better off disabling Dock animations, Visualizer in Music, a backlit keyboard, and any other visuals because they are putting a toll on the system by consuming resources and battery life.

Idea #4 – Get Rid of Startup Applications

Startup applications can get annoying to a point where you no longer wish to restart the computer because it takes too long for it to load. However, it is recommended that you restart your computer every couple of hours to prevent memory leaks.

The solution to startup apps is simple. You need to go to System Preferences and access your user profile. Then, select Login Items and uncheck boxes next to applications you do not wish to see in the startup list.

Idea #5 – Close Idle Applications

Background applications are consuming system resources. And these resources are finite. Yes, there are certain applications that you need in the background all the time. Antiviruses and communication apps for work are two examples.

However, it is likely that there is an application or two that should not be active at the time. Go to the Activity Monitor and find out which apps are consuming the most resources and which of these apps you can remove or replace with better alternatives. Freeing up Macbook resources helps with performance.

Idea #6 – Install System Updates

System updates bring new and neat features, introduce patches for potential Mac security problems, and improve a computer’s overall performance. Whenever you see that there is a new update available, do not hesitate and initiate it.

And speaking of updates, it is not just the operating system that benefits from the most recent version. Any application that you use should be updated as well. This might seem like a simple idea, but many people still do not bother checking whether a new version for an app is out. Some applications update automatically, but it does not apply to every single one of them. Make sure that you are up to date.

Idea #7 – Optimize Web Browser

A poorly-optimized internet browser makes it impossible to surf the internet. People take things too far and install too many extensions and add-ons. Having multiple browser tabs open does not help either. Finally, not everyone bothers deleting browser caches regularly.

There are cases when a browser continues to perform poorly despite taking all the necessary measures. If that is the case, then trying a new browser might be the best choice you can make. Not only can you potentially end up with a more-optimal option for performance, but another browser could also help with privacy and overall security.

Idea #8 – Keep Your Mac Clean

It is very important to regularly clean your workspace and the Mac itself because over time it will gather dust that will likely end up on the inside of your computer. And if there is too much dust, it will affect the way Mac’s fans are working.

Too much dust can cause your Mac to underperform. This is because the more difficult it is for fans to spin, the more overheated your computer will become. More to it, a constantly overheated computer will have a negative effect on Mac’s battery.

Idea #9 – Keep Your Desktop Clean


Having a clean desktop is good both for your productivity and Mac’s performance. If you have too many items stacked on your desktop, it will be more difficult to find the necessary files. If you are a photographer or a graphic designer and create a lot of files during your workday, having a clean desktop should be your priority. We all know how easy it is to get confused by files with similar names and send the wrong one to someone.

More to it, each thumbnail that is displayed on your desktop is consuming additional resources on your Mac. therefore the more you have, the slower your computer will become.