Do you want to sell the old car as you are planning to buy a new one? Are you expecting a huge resale value on the vehicle? There are a few tips that you have to use to sell the car at the best price. The amount you get can be used as a down payment for your new vehicle.

There are a few steps that you must follow if you are planning to sell the used vehicle. Also, you can find help for selling on JunkCarMasters.

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1. Vacuum clean the interior and keep it clean


One of the critical aspects of the car is to keep it in a top-notch condition. When a prospective buyer takes a look at the vehicle, it should make them feel like a new one. The neatness would talk a lot about how you maintain the car. If the interior is neat and clean, it creates a positive impression on the prospective buyer’s mind.

You need to remove the debris from the floor and boot of the car. Use an air refresher to spread a sweet aroma in the vehicle. If anything is hanging to the rear mirror, you must clear it before showing your car to the buyer. The interior must look like a new one. You can remove the tiny particles of the dust that are otherwise tough to clean using a vacuum cleaner. The pipe of the cleaner will go to every nook and cranny of the vehicle to clean it thoroughly. The carpets in the car must also be cleaned. If you find the carpet to be filled with stains and dirt, it is best to hire professional services.

You can clean the car interior with a damp cloth to make it look sparkling. You can clean the glass windows only using the glass cleaners and glass cleaning cloth as they will help you remove the fingerprints on the vehicle window neatly.

2. Wash the exterior


Once you finish clearing the debris and dust accumulated inside, then it is time for you to move out and clean the exterior. That is because your car’s exteriors will be the first thing that a prospective buyer would look for. They will also check the doors and windows, so make sure you clean them as well. Before you use water or wet cloth, remember to use a hose to remove the dust and grime stuck to the vehicle. Once cleaned, you can wipe off the surfaces with a wet cloth for obtaining a shine on the car.

Removing the dust before cleaning also reduces the scratches and prevents the car’s paint to rip off. There is a special vehicle washing liquid that you get in the market. You can use it to wash the vehicle’s exterior. You also have to wash the wheels and rinse until the soap water is washed out. After washing, use a damp cloth to wipe the windows to avoid the watermarks to stick and give an ugly look.

3. Pay attention to the tires


The wheels and tires would speak volumes about the look of the car. Most of the dust would get accumulated around the wheels. The person who is going to buy the vehicle can know whether you maintain the vehicle in the proper condition or not, just by taking a look at the wheel. The cars that lack maintenance will have dirty wheels with a lot of dust around and missing valve caps.

You can start washing the vehicle by spraying the water on the front wheel. You have to remove the dust from even the areas that are tough to reach. If there are no rashes, you can polish the same way as you do for the paintwork. If there are gutter rashes, it is time for you to get the wheels repaired. This, in turn, will improve the value of the car. If the tires have low threads, then you have to replace the tire. You can buy the tire shine solution from the local tire shop to spray on the tires. It brings a new condition to the wheels.

4. Check for any defects

The buyers would negotiate with you on the price by showing the defects in the car. So, you should not leave any defects repaired so that you can get the price you are expecting. It might be financially viable for you to replace a few of the parts in the vehicle.

5. Keep the tool kit, first aid kit, and inflated spare wheel in the car


If you want to impress any buyer on their first visit, make sure you maintain all the required safety aspects while driving the car. You must keep the tool kit in the car and refill any missing tools before you show the vehicle to the buyer. Similarly, remove the expired medicine from the first-aid kit and keep it in the right place. Keeping a spare wheel in usable condition would also add some importance in improving the car’s resale value.

6. Think about changing the lights

You must check whether the headlamp and taillight of the vehicle have excellent illuminating power as it is one of the essential factors any car buyer would look for. After certain years of driving, the illumination capacity of headlights tends to deteriorate, which demands the replacement of lights. In addition to the stock bulb, you can go for other OEM bulbs available in the market and make sure their features match the stock bulb.

7. Maintain proper documentation


The next essential thing you should take care of is maintaining all the car documents. It will not only keep you safe from any legal actions against you but also help you get a better price for your car. The essential documents that you need to keep up to date are the vehicle registration documents, insurance, certificate of pollution under control, and the bank’s no-objection certificate if you have bought the vehicle on loan.


We feel these tips will help you get a better deal for your car but make sure you follow them thoroughly and don’t miss any of them.