Instagram users in search of more followers. They may have heard that the best way to achieve this is to simply purchase followers or by using a bot. However, that’s not the most moral approach. Many issues might arise when someone resorts to buying followers. Your hard-earned followers might be wiped along with your account if you are detected.

There are several telltale signs that someone is using the Instagram bot followers tool to get followers. You may check out their profile to see when they last posted, who they have as followers, and how many people they are following. They’re probably phoney or at least inactive if you see any kind of trend in these items.

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What’s a Fake Instagram Account?

Instagram accounts that real people do not operate are considered to be phoney. The accounts are either generated in bulk by humans or automated software. The purpose of some is to spam others with comments, likes, etc., while others are just abandoned.

While their ultimate goal may vary from service to service, one of the most popular uses of these accounts on Instagram is to inflate their follower count artificially. Instagram followers are purchased by the thousands by want to be influencers and companies looking for rapid expansion, and most of these followers are fake.


These false followers hurt their accounts rather than assist them. It’s possible they’re really making things worse. Even if a business doesn’t engage in any questionable follower acquisition practises, it might still be damaged.

Instagram Bot Followers: 5 Telltale Signs

As you now understand what “fake” Instagram followers are and why they’re an issue, you’ll likely wish to eliminate them.

However, we cannot accomplish that until we first locate them. And the two most common approaches are:

  • Utilising your own ingenuity and Instagram sleuthing abilities
  • Applying an Instagram analytics service

To begin, we’ll demonstrate how to identify them independently. In case that isn’t enough, or if you’d simply rather not waste your time, we’ll go through some of the top auditing tools in the next section.

Check Their Followers

The ratio of a user’s followers to their own “follows” indicates authenticity.

Automated accounts have skyrocketing “following” numbers. Several have reached 7,500 but their fanbase is small. However, not every Instagram rookie who follows more accounts than they acquire followers from is a robot. If 4,000 people follow a 500-person account, it’s definitely fake.

Calculate Their Engagement Rate

False profiles, as we’ve already said, don’t participate. This includes phoney accounts whose followers are similarly bogus.


So, if you come across an account with a thousand followers but only five likes for each post, or a similarly low quantity, this might be a sign that the account is fraudulent.

At the very least, it reveals that their fan base is made up.

View Their Comments

The comments made by Instagram bot followers are another red flag.

Common ones include “excellent image,” “great work,” “amazing,” and maybe even a few emojis. Not to mention the obvious spam comments that populate beneath the images of popular accounts.

Check Out What They’re Posting

The people who make these spam accounts don’t have the time to fill them with interesting, original information.

Instead, you’ll probably encounter one of these four alternatives:

  • Promotional Posts
  • Fake deals and discounts posts
  • Contents do not fit the profile
  • Short time intervals between of posts

Most of the time, they will create an account, post many times within a few hours of one another, and then abandon it without further interaction.

An indicator of a false profile is one that suddenly has five postings within a few days, and then nothing else.

Methods for Unfollowing Inactive Accounts on Instagram


Manual Option

Though it’s a sluggish method, it’s effective up to around 5,000 followers. Get the word out to your fans that you’re going through a “cleanup.” Then, invite readers who are interested in your profile to share their thoughts in the section below any post. Don’t discount the possibility that inactive accounts belong to individuals who might like reading your posts.

Automated Option

If getting rid of ghost followers manually takes up a lot of your time and energy, it may be worthwhile to invest in a virtual assistant that can do this task on your behalf. There are programs that have been developed specifically for individuals who need to get rid of a large number of fakes and bots at once. Their speed and level of automation are their primary advantages.