In 2024, no one is surprised by a fascinating Instagram blog. Today, every second person is a blogger, and every third one is a video blogger. The younger generation is moving with great strides into the digital world, leaving behind offline development opportunities.

Unfortunately, not every blogger achieves real success. The main reason is competition. It’s a real challenge to gather a loyal audience around you. For that, you should stand out, be interesting and always publish only high-quality content. You should work on the latter and devote a lot of time to it. A simple publication of average content can’t catch the audience’s attention.

Big media influencers have SMM managers who perform all key duties. However, what should a novice blogger do if he cannot afford to use such services?

There is a way out! It is simpler than it seems at first glance. For instance, you can become an SMM specialist yourself and develop your blog. To do this, you only need a couple of online tools like Bigbangram that will take Instagram to a qualitatively new level.

Take a sheet of paper and a pencil. Only useful information is waiting for you!

Let’s go!

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Instagram promotion: Crucial aspects


No matter how interesting, fun, and high-quality your blog is, no one will see your efforts without proper and well-minded promotion. And only you are blamed for this. So, always remember about the competition.

Also, the promotion can be both active, using targeted advertising, and passive, when you perform some actions automatically using special services. The first option will be paid because you will have to work with Instagram itself. While the second option can be both paid and free (but certainly cheaper than the first.)

The next thing you should know about IG promotion is shadowban and account blocking. Instagram has strict rules that can not be broken in any way. Therefore, before publishing a new post, you need to check whether it contains words that offend someone and photos that defame someone’s face.

Well, the final point is less gab and more action. Believe me, the more time and effort you invest in the blog and audience, the faster you will see results, returns and success. After all, remember the old adverb “we learn by doing, achieve by pursuing.” So start walking right away!

Read more about this further.

Necessary Instagram tool kit


And now it’s time to get acquainted with the ultimate Instagram tool kit that will facilitate working with Instagram promotion and blogging in general.

1. Hashtag generator

An essential component of working on Instagram promotion is selecting and using the right and relevant hashtags. You’ve read everything correctly, precisely the right ones. Oddly enough, being able to put hashtags is very important for promotion. Otherwise, it will be more difficult for the target audience (TA) to find your profile and follow.

Therefore, you don’t need to put hashtags just out of your head. Instead, you can use the hashtag generator and choose the most suitable options specifically for the topic of your post.

In addition, you can develop your hashtags, so to speak branded. They set you apart from the crowd and become your business card, which other users often remember.

List of working and relevant hashtag generators: Toolzu; Inflact; All-Hashtags.

2. Instagram auto working bot


If you think that the era of Instagram bots has sunk into oblivion, then you are mistaken. Instagram bots are still popular and working. They perform several functions at a time automatically. So let’s agree; this approach simplifies working with Instagram several times.

Besides, the use of bots is absolutely legal (if you choose proven services.) After all, new technologies allow you to create an image that, in reality, all the bot’s work is performed by a person since the IG limits are not exceeded following/unfollowing, likes, and views of stories.

The bot automatically likes a specific audience, follows and unfollows, views stories, and leaves comments on publications. At the same time, you are engaged in IG content creation. Well, magic, isn’t it?

List of trust Instagram bots: Bigbangram; Igbot; Zen-promo.

3. Fonts generator

A significant point: don’t forget about the visual side of your Instagram account. It’s great if your feed looks attractive and unusual. But it is worth taking the time to design an Instagram bio. You need to briefly, vividly, and interestingly present yourself and write it in an unusual and unique font (simple fonts will not surprise anyone, instead, on the contrary, they will make your account back in 2015.)

Therefore, pay attention to the font that you use to design the Instagram bio. It should not be too crazy or incomprehensible (after all, your audience is not aliens.) Instead, choose the font that fits perfectly visually into the design of your page.

In addition, use the chosen font in the published posts. Of course, you shouldn’t write the entire post in this font. Instead, you can title or end the post with a couple of words written using the selected font.

List of convenient font generators: Lingojam; Fontgeneratoronline; Fontspace.

4. Scheduled posting


In the pursuit of Instagram popularity, don’t forget about real offline life. After all, surely your friends and relatives want to see you not only on Instagram but also on various holidays, weekends, etc.

But IG content should be posted at certain hours when your audience is most interested in publishing.

However, sitting on the phone and keeping track of a particular time when you need to publish another post is such entertainment. Therefore, you can use some scheduled posting services (to be honest, this tool is just 100/10.)

It works very simply: you upload a post to a specific service, choose the right time for publication, click done, and chill until the service itself publishes the post at the right time.

List of excellent services: Postoplan; Inflact; Later.

If needed you can also use websites like IGInstant which can potentially help you to generate more public and followers.

5. Instagram content downloader

We all don’t like Instagram for is its ability to complicate everything. Developers could have long ago added a tool that would download the necessary content directly to your phone or PC. But no, all published content is private property.

However, this function is still asking for development and addition. After all, how would it be more convenient to download your favorite photos, videos, stories, and IGTVs?

But don’t worry, there is a way out. You can use the special services to quickly download any IG content, which can then become a source of inspiration for creating your posts and photos.

List of convenient services: Bigbangram; Inflact; Instadownloader.

I hope all the tips have been helpful for you. But, please, remember that on the way to success, don’t forget that Instagram is not your whole life.