Does renovating your house create the euphoria feeling or is it torture for you? Think of it as a game that brings many benefits with little effort. Do it yourself or call in professionals? Today, people are increasingly trying to do repairs and work around the house themselves. The reasons for such actions are mostly lower costs, but also a sense of success after a well-done job. Happiness is in the small things, so even a seemingly demanding job like installing metal corner guards, can become very simple.

These protectors bring with them numerous benefits. To protecting corners from dirt, wear and tear, they also have a decorative purpose for your home. They can help a lot with the look and design of your space and yet they are very useful. They’re very cost-effective and easy to install. You don’t need help setting them up, so roll up your sleeves and get to work! In this article, we will give you a detailed guide through the process of installing metal corner guards in just a few steps.

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1. Make a plan


Before starting any business, you must set clear goals for yourself. You need to know why you embarked on this venture at the start. I’m sure you won’t want to protect every wall edge in the house. There are probably some more critical areas that have made you start thinking about installing in the first place. Observe how many such walls there are and start buying materials. To know what you need to put in the shopping basket, read this article for detailed information and saving money later.

2. Measure first

Let’s start from the beginning. We can’t talk about installing these protectors until we measure the length of the space we want to protect, right? Don’t worry this process is very simple. You only need a tape measure to get the job done properly. If you haven’t had a chance to use this tool before, here are a few tips. Start from the bottom of the wall! Stretch a tape measure from the floor to the desired height metal corner guard and mark the given height. Try to keep the edge straight and at a 90-degree angle. If you want to have these guards in several places in the house, write down the length and make sure that the length is the same in all desired places.

3. Cutting it to the appropriate length


The length of the purchased metal corner guards will not always be of ideal dimensions. If you find a smaller one, it won’t serve you, so you can order the desired length on verified websites such as However, if you buy guards that are longer than your required length, then you will need a couple of corrections. Before cutting these guards, measure the desired length once more and mark the places of cutting with a pencil, in order to avoid mistakes. This is perhaps the most demanding step in the installation job. You must have adequate equipment when cutting. Beware of cutting injuries and get to work.

4. Small modifications

If you have uneven surfaces on the wall, you should consider the option of remodeling it. If there are irregularities on the wall, it would be good to fill the cavities or grind the excess. This would help you later on if you decide to change or remove the guard, to keep the wall intact.

5. Pre-clean the wall


It’s very important that before installing the guards, the surface on which we want to install them, is previously cleaned. So, whether the wall is visibly dirty or not, you clean it once again and put it in order. This will help these guards to rest better on the wall and stay on it longer. Use sandpaper and spin the wall to remove dirt. After “rough” cleaning, clean the wall with a cloth and your wall will be ready for the next step in this installation.

6. Installation methods

When it comes to the final step, i.e. the installation itself, there are a couple of methods that you can opt for when installing this useful tool. Choose the one that is simplest and easiest for you. If you have followed the installation guide for metal corner guards, it will be easy for you to do this work yourself. Here are some tips below to help you choose an easier method.

Bonding with tape

Probably the most popular method of attaching these protectors is through adhesive tape. Double-sided, adhesive tape is a quick and easy way to get the desired result. Glue one side of the tape to the protector on the smooth surface of the wall. Make sure that no air enters between the strip and the guard to avoid uneven installation of the guard. After successfully applying the tape, carefully press the protector against the wall from the bottom (from the beginning of the desired location) upwards (to the final desired location on the wall). After just a few minutes, your protector will be permanently installed.

Bonding the protector


For this method, you need to buy glue, which is also the main helper in the installation. Apply glue in wavy lines to the protector. This will cover every part of the protector and prevent each of it from remaining loose or insufficiently glued to the substrate. After applying the glue, lean the protector against the wall following the same order mentioned in the step before (from bottom to top). It is necessary to put pressure on the protector and hold it for a few minutes for the glue to be effective. Try to keep it in the middle so that the glue does not leak from the sides. However, if that happens though, don’t make a panic, it’s an integral part of this job. The glue will come off the wall if you react quickly and clean the immediately formed, unnecessary stains. The next day the protector will be firmly attached, and all you need is glue and the protector itself, simple isn’t it?

Using fasteners

If you don’t believe in the previous methods, here is one that brings good results with certainty. This way is more demanding for amateurs to perform, but success is guaranteed. Use fasteners. You probably wonder how should I do that? Based on the previously printed dimensions, scratch on the wall the places where there should be holes where you will install the fasteners. Use a drill to pierce holes of the desired size. Then place the metal guard on the wall, lean the fastener and attach it with a screwdriver or drill.

Do you find installing metal corner guards easier after this article? Start by imagining the ideal interior design for your home and feel free to embark on this process yourself. Avoid the extra costs of hiring professionals, and use that money to choose the shiny metal corner guards you’ve always wanted. Check out the stock available here: