Investment banking is a booming field in today’s era. These banks are those economic organizations that are primarily involved in lending finances and financial advisory. The clients can be the government, individuals, or a company. Plus, they are also involved in money-raising for their clients. When issuing safeties, these act as the client’s agent.

There are many career prospects in the investment banking sector. Many young enthusiasts now aspire to become successful investment bankers. As you can presume, accumulating a significant amount of knowledge is an absolute must in this case. Read on to know more about building a successful career in this field of work.

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What are Worker’s Job Responsibilities?


There are various job roles in investment banking with different responsibilities. Some of the common job responsibilities of an investment financier are as follows:

• A banker helps companies that issue a bond for raising wealth. Any organisation that needs finance can take the help of a financial institution.

• Besides issuing a bond, a clerk also assists its clients in selling bonds.

• A broker is involved in underwriting deals on behalf of its consumers.

• If an organisation wants to elevate the wealth via private placements, it can contact an institution of this kind.

• Organisations that need support for an M&A deal can contact a reputable bank.

• Bankers also provide crucial financial advice to the clients for making better decisions.

Job roles in this sector


Before aiming for a career in investment banking, one should know about the various job roles in the industry. Knowing each one of those is essential for understanding which way you can go when you opt for it. Some of the popular job roles in the investment banking sector are as follows:

• Junior Analyst: A junior analyst is just starting their career. Analysts are involved in preparing analysis reports and presentations. Basically, this job position requires high analytical skills, because the employee will need to perform efficient market researches to find the best possible solutions for a certain situation. While this may sound like an easy job, it is important to say that this process requires a lot of patience and expertise.

• Associate: Associates are those who have joined the bank directly after an MBA degree. Associates bridge the gap between juniors and seniors and work directly with the clients. They are responsible for providing the clients with the information they need before they make every move. Also, having high conversational skills is something that we consider an absolute must in this case. Otherwise, problems in communication can lead to low performance.

• VP: A VP will have a group of investment bankers working together. VP is responsible for cracking deals with new clients and maintaining better relationships with existing clients. Since the financial market constantly changes, and we can see there are a lot of different trends introduced every couple of months, staying updated on this information will be something that will require a lot of hard work on the behalf of the VP. Finding the best solution for your consumers is usually not an easy task.

• Managing director: Seniors or managing directors are highest in the hierarchy of investment banking job roles. The decision-making power lies in the hands of the MD for any crucial projects. Not only that this position comes with a lot of power when it comes to deciding, but it also has a lot of responsibility. The managing director will be held responsible for a wide array of different actions. So, being reasonable and calm in some situations can make all the difference in the world.

As one can see, there are various job roles in this industry. Aspirants start with the junior job roles in the sector and then upscale themselves. The global investment banking industry size will cross the USD 100 billion mark by the end of 2024. There are a lot of opportunities for young investment banking aspirants.

How to obtain the basic skills?


Due to the recent COVID pandemic, physical investment banking classrooms were suspended. Naturally, the rules imposed by a lockdown are something that needs to be followed carefully. However, that doesn’t mean there is no chance for those who want to pursue a career in this field in some other way. For instance, young aspirants found it better to learn from online sources.

One can choose a reputed EdTech platform that offers a course that will guide you through this field of work. Among all the EdTech platforms, It advertises a Certified Investment Banking Operations Professional program. So, you cannot think about a better way to have access to this sort of knowledge these days. Therefore, you should not hesitate to take a look at this possibility.

Imarticus provides a 180-hour online course in association with the London Stock Exchange. Students can get to learn about the industry practices and how to upscale in the investment banking sector. Aspirants will learn job-relevant skills and will also receive placement support from Imarticus. As you can presume, the course will start from the lowest position in the hierarchy.

Step-by-step, an applicant can obtain more knowledge which can lead to higher ones. From trade life cycle to risk management, this online course will cover all aspects of this sort of financial service. At the end of the online course, students will receive an industry-recognised investment banking certificate. Not only do those higher positions ensure higher salaries, but the applicant will also have more chance to learn all there is about this field of work.


More and more companies are needing support from investment backers. If you take a look at the financial market, the need for this occupancy is higher than it has ever been. So, it is not a surprise why so many of these companies require this expertise. An online investment banking program can help in learning the relevant skills and kickstarting a career. Maybe this is the moment when you will ensure a much more successful professional career for you, who knows? Start your online course now!