You are a student at a university or college, and you enjoy your studies. Carefree days. You can hire a professional essay writer and get help writing your assignment, and then meet up with friends and relax. Still, you understand that you need to start supporting financially yourself. You’ve decided to get a job and earn money all summer. Now you have a good amount of money, but the question is, where do you decide to spend this money? Maybe for food, clothes, and entertainment? Or you decide to do it in a smarter way and invest them so that they bring you even more profit.

Just imagine. If you decide to spend money on investments, then by the time of your retirement, you will receive a tidy sum just like that, without working or taking any difficult physical actions. And even after a few years or after just a year after the investment, you will already have a good replenishment in your budget.

Investing will help you create capital for the future, this is something to think about from an early age. so if you don’t have time for it but have a lot of written homework from school or university, an essay writing service with their professional writers will help you and you will get free time to study the investment niche. After all, before investing, you need to study the market. The main thing is to show responsibility and discipline. This is all that is required of you. You do not need to invest a huge amount or spend a lot of time or effort.

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Why should you start investing already in a college or university?

The main reason is your time. Everything is simple here.

Time in the market trumps time in the market.

There is nothing better and more important than the moment when you start investing and the time during which you continue to do it. After all, the sooner you put your money into investments, the more time they will have to grow.

It seems that everything is clear, but your patience also plays a role. Many students do not see a particular prospect that their capital will increase by 5-10% in one year. But they look only at the near future, and we need to look at the long-term perspective.

Imagine that you will start investing now, at the age of 18-20, and someone else will come to this only at 30. At this point, you will grow your capital and have a good safety cushion and experience in investing, while the other man will only have an idea about it. 

You have decided on an investment, but where to start and where to open an account?


In today’s world, you don’t need to save up a ton of money for a down payment or meet with a professional investment advisor. You just need to choose a convenient application or platform for yourself. It can be a mobile application or resource. There are also places where you can buy stocks for free and generally invest online.

We have prepared a list of several applications and platforms for you so that you can start investing quickly and easily.

M1 Finance

M1 Finance is also known as a robot advisor. In December 2017, he canceled fees on his platform. As of May 2024, the company had over $1 billion in assets under management (AUM). This platform is considered revolutionary.  Here you can invest in stocks and ETFs for free. With this form, you can also create a portfolio and automatically invest in your portfolio free! This is a good way to get started at no cost to you.

Robin hood

Robinhood is an online application that allows you to trade on the stock exchange without commissions. His example clearly shows how the market for brokerage services is developing. New technologies have simplified the access of ordinary people to trading. User-friendly design, fast remote registration, and the absence of fees and commissions have led to the fact that unqualified investors have poured into the market. The main audience of the startup is millennials, the average age of customers is 31 years old, for almost half Robinhood has become the first investment platform in their life.

This resource is exactly suitable if you have a desire to invest in individual stocks or trade options. However, for beginners, it is less suitable. And all the same, the resource is good – it is completely free. The downside to Robinhood compared to M1 is that Robinhood does not allow for partial equity investments, making it difficult for novice investors with little money to get started.



It is one of the best brokers in the investment market because it is a full-service firm that can grow with you as you invest and acquire more assets. Fidelity does offer some free investment options, including no minimum IRAs and no ETF fees.


Streitwise is a real estate investment company that allows you to invest in commercial real estate. Both accredited and non-accredited investors can now access a professionally managed portfolio of private properties for as little as $5,000 online. Streitwise’s flagship product is 1st Streit Office Inc. This is a real estate investment fund sponsored and managed by Tryperion Partners and listed for sale on the Streitwise website. So If you are looking to build a real estate portfolio, check out Streitwise. It is private equity, which means that you are investing in a basket of real estate, and you share the income and valuation of that property (or loss if that happens). This is a great way to start investing in real estate for just a little money.

Investing is a great way to multiply your capital with minimal financial and power investments. Feel free to give it a try – start with the platforms and apps we’ve introduced to you on our list. These are proven resources to help you master this subtle art for sure. Do not put off the moment until later, remember that your main advantage now is your time. Take action!