As we approach the cooler parts of the year, many of us are thinking about ways to keep our homes warm. The weather here in Ireland tends to get rather dreary as we approach December and the new year, so there’s a good chance it’s a concern you’ve already had in mind. What should our approach be, though?

One option to think about is insulation. Now, most homes already have some form of insulation in the walls and the roof. Further details on the science behind sustainable insulation can be found here: ( However, when it comes to other types or further insulation, there’s not nearly as much information out there.

That’s why today, we’re here to discuss what other options we should consider. Since there is a lot to cover here, make sure to stick around and hopefully you’ll learn something new!

What is Insulation?

What is Insulation


The first question we’ve got to answer is this: what is insulation? Simply put, it’s any material used to help trap hot or cool air inside a home rather than letting it leak out into the surrounding atmosphere. No one wants to waste money on their heater or AC by having all the warm or cold air escape, after all.

There are a bunch of types of insulation, which you probably guessed based on our mention of “any material.” It’s true, though – almost any material could be used. Some are obviously better than others. These days, the most popular option is foam.

Specifically, spray foam insulation tends to have the biggest appeal thanks to its general versatility. In fact, there are several subtypes of foam insulation that each have their own pros and cons. Each of them get sprayed or injected and then will puff up or expand to fit the space where they’ve been placed.

For this reason, they’re relatively quick and easy to install. The trouble often arises with knowing where to put it, since there are so many possibilities. As we mentioned, the traditional spots are on walls as well as in the roof of homes since that’s where most drafty winds come through.

Take in mind that not even professionally done roof insulation can retain its effectiveness if there are damages to your roof. We recommend you take a look at our article that will help you address roof issues on time teaching you key indicators to look out for and when to start worrying about the occurring problems.

Where Else Should We Install Insulation?

Where Else Should We Install Insulation


The other question for us to consider is naturally where in our homes we should spray or inject insulation foam. Even if you’ve already got it in the normal spots, you can actually increase the value of your home by having it placed in other spaces. An example of that is in floors, which is surprisingly quite energy efficient.

Lots of heat can get sucked into the ground if our floors aren’t properly insulated, whether they are hardwood, carpet, or anything in between. Some other spots include throughout our attics and even in sheds if you have equipment that needs to be stored safely during winter. If you’re not certain, though, you can always consult with a professional installation company to see if they have recommendations.

Is it Really Worth the Cost?

Is it Really Worth the Cost


One of the biggest obstacles to most folks having insulation installed is the cost. It’s easy to assume that the price tag is a bit too pricey, but when you think about the benefits involved, you may start to see why it’s more worthwhile than you expected. An example of that is on this page, if you’re curious.

Here in Ireland, there have been plenty of studies that have examined the links between overall health and well-being and insulation, believe it or not. That’s what the resource we mentioned covers, which might help explain why it’s worth it on one level. Admittedly, though, that’s a trend that we might not notice on a demonstrable level.

In contrast, increasing property value is noticeable and quite impactful even if we aren’t planning on selling right away. Think of it this way: whether you’ve got a family home you intend to keep for generations to come or if you’re in a more temporary one, adding value in ways like adding insulation can benefit you in the long term.

Now, if you’re still unsure, we certainly understand. There are other interiors that you can insulate to increase value as well as enjoyability of the space, as a final note for today. For instance, many boats can get quite chilly here in the northern Atlantic Ocean. At least, riding around in them while we fish or enjoy the ocean breeze can get really cold.

Adding insulation can help ensure that when we go inside, we have a space where we can warm up. Of course, it can also help protect the boat itself from getting leaks or something of the sort. We can also get spray foam insulation in our shipping containers, so there’s a commercial application as well! So, depending on the application and the place you want it, there’s a good chance you’ll find insulation worth it.