Her full name is Jessica Lauren Jessie Graff and she is famous for being a stuntwoman as well as a TV personality. A nickname under which a lot of people know her is Tumbleweed. Through years of training she acquired a black belt in Taekwondo and she has won a Black Sash in Kung Fu.

She has had training in 5 different martial arts. She has also competed as a gymnast as well as a pole vaulter. She has gained a lot of popularity because of her achievements in the TV show American ninja warrior in 2016. If you are interested in learning more about Jessie Graff keep reading the text!


Personal Life

Jessie Graff was born in New York City on February 12th 1984. Her mother is Ginny MacColl and when she turned 6 years old she was enrolled in circus classes. Wen she turned nine years old she started taking gymnast classes and attended competitions in the next six years.

She became a trapeze artist at 12 years old. During high school she competed in pole vaulting. She graduated in 2002. She also has a major in Aerospace engeneering. She has black belts in both Kung Fu and Taekwondo.

Currently, Jessie is not married. She tried getting into the olimpics but didn’t end up making it in the end. She is a big supporter of women empowerment and believes women can achieve anything they set they’re mind to.



In 2007 she started her career in stunts and became a stuntwoman. She has since appeared in many TV shows and movies. One of the movies she worked on was Wonder woman. She is also one of the best in pole vaulting in The United States of America. She gave her CV to her mother’s agent on accident and that how she became a stuntwoman. She is now a high profile stuntwoman.


 Jessie Graff Net Worth

Jessie Graff net worth is estimated to about $3 million all of which she has earned by being a stuntwoman in big movies. She has set multiple records in her career and that is the reason she has acquired so much wealth at such a young age. Because of her impressive athlete abilities she also gained a lot of popularity while she was still in high school. She has won many awards and will surely win many more in the future.