I know everyone would love their car, and a small scratch or dent on the car would break their heart. However, if you care a lot about their looks, why not maintain the car in good condition. The car needs to maintain even after you travel for a few kilometers. The maintenance will bring the car back to normal and make it perform top-notch. It is critical for you to detect the problems during the maintenance period and rectify them before the issue gets worse. There are a few things that you can even do in your own garage at home to maintain the car in good condition. In case you are looking for any additional car-related guides, you can visit Carcody.

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 1. Check the pressure in the tires

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There are a few tools that you can get in the market to check the pressure in the car tires from time to time. These include a pressure gauge, and the other is the portable air compressor. The tires would start to lose the air inside them, and it is critical for you to maintain the pressure. When you use these tools, you can inflate the tires and keep them at the optimal level. However, the pressure level in the tire varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. There is a different level of pressure that is required for the back and front tires of the car. When you learn the pressure that you have to maintain in the car tire, the next thing you have to do is to use the tool to check the pressure level in the tire. You have to unscrew the valve of the tire and get an accurate reading. If the tire pressure is low, then connect the air compressor to inflate the tire to the correct level.

2. Check the depth of the tire thread

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The tires will start to wear out over a period of time. There are chances of them getting burst in the middle of the journey. So, it is always essential for you to change the tires from time to time and get them inspected by the technician. You have to place them after driving 20,000 to 40,000 km, and it depends on the vehicle and size. The tires would have to wear bars that let you check the thread that is remaining. If you see the wear bar in the depth of the car, it indicates that there is a lot of thread remaining. If the wear bar is thin, it is an indication that the car tire is going to be worn out soon, and it is time for you to replace it.

3. Clean the wheels

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The brake dust is a common thing that gets accumulated inside the wheels. If the wheel is made of a lot of alloys, it is best for you to clean the wheels once in a month to keep dust, grime, and other particles that are ruining the wheels at bay. The brake dust will stick to the wheel due to the static electricity. Use the sponge and water to wipe off this dust.

 4. Check the belts

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There are rubber drives belts equipped to the engine. You can find the belts around the pulleys that connect from the alternators to the air-conditioning compressor. You can find the belts housed on the front of the engine or towards the front wheels. When the car is exposed to hot weather conditions, the rubber starts to melt. You have to thoroughly inspect the belts if there are any signs of damages or cracks.

5. Check the oil in the engine

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It is pretty easy for a car owner to check the oil levels in the engine. You have to wait for the engine to cool down; otherwise, it burns your fingers. You have to find the dipstick and take it out and clean it properly and put it back to its position and make sure that it is seated in the dip tube. You have to wait for a couple of seconds and then remove the dipstick out. Now, you have to check the oil level. If the oil level is between the high and low-end mark, then the low oil is at the correct level. The color of the oil must only be in light brown. If it turns back, then it is time for you to change the oil.

6. Inspect the car’s battery

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You should never take any risk by ignoring the condition of your car’s battery. It is the power source of your vehicle, and even a little complication may shut down the car in the middle of the road. Thus, you should keep an eye on various indications like frequently jump-starting the car or checking the engine light.

Besides, visual inspection of things like swelling of the battery or corrosion around the connecting terminals would also help to detect any issues. Most experts recommend changing the car battery every four to five years to ensure it is functioning correctly. So if you wish to keep your car in a top-notch condition, make sure you pay attention to its battery.

7. Replace damaged wipers

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Replacing the damaged wired would not serve much importance, like maintaining other parts of the car, but it will surely help you make your car top-notch. If the wiper has become hard or sturdy, then it might scratch or leave marks on the windshield every time you use it. Moreover, if you keep using it frequently, it will damage the upper layer of the windshield and impair your vision while driving. Thus, if you don’t replace them, you would eventually have to replace the windshield.

Maintaining your vehicle properly is essential to its longevity. The better maintained you keep it during its early years, the more likely it will be that the car lasts you for much longer than average. Otherwise, you might find yourself at a website like CarJunkYardsNearMe.com pretty soon trying to get a good deal on a junk car. That’s not what you want. The value of the vehicle may depreciate rather quickly if it’s in poor condition.


If you want to keep your car in a top-notch condition, make sure you pay attention to even its smallest aspects as they play a vital role in maintaining the car’s functionality. Besides, if you follow the tips mentioned in this article, you will be able to keep your car in a well-maintained condition for a longer time.