Everyone knows how important it is to keep a beautiful and fresh smile. It is one of the first things that people notice about you, which means that it significantly contributes to the first impression that people get about you. However, this is not possible if you do not have proper and regular care for your teeth. In addition to aesthetic value, teeth allow us to chew and speak so that their health is equally important.

Proper care does not only mean regular brushing of teeth, it implies constant care of teeth wherever we are. The more attention we pay to our smile, the better and longer-term results we will have. You perform preventive measures that will prevent the occurrence and development of diseases of the mouth and teeth, and on the other hand, you get a better color and overall appearance of the teeth.


Of course, we can’t really brush our teeth while going, for example, to the store. However, we certainly stay in one place for several hours during the day, and the most common example of that (except at home) is our workplace. People spend most of their hours there a day without being outside. It is in this place that we can do our routine that will give us a beautiful smile.

If you are running out of ideas with which you can properly maintain them at work, we have a solution for you. Read on for a few golden rules that will surely help you maintain a beautiful and radiant smile.

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1. Watch what you eat


No matter what you are at work, you have regular daily meals, you consume drinks that you normally consume, etc. However, you spend the most time next to your home, so you eat the most meals. If you drink coffee or tea often, it will surely be seen on your teeth. If you also smoke, the color will surely change and not for the better.

So that, as well as various juices and other foods of similar composition, color the teeth. What we recommend is that you brush your teeth after each meal especially if you ate the mentioned products. Also, it would not be bad to eat an apple every day, it is a great natural way to clean your mouth.

2. Eat cleansing foods


Speaking of food, we must mention that its choice is one of the most important factors when it comes to dental health and cleanliness. It is important to choose food that brings you only positive results, and that means that you want to eat the solid one that helps you with that.

To make the most of the positive effect of good foods, we recommend that you eat these foods after a meal if you are not already able to brush your teeth.

3. Use a floss


Of course, toothpaste is not enough when it comes to cleaning. Apart from the fact that the floss is an integral part of dental hygiene, it is very small in size and can be easily applied anywhere you are. So if you learn to use floss, you can do this on the way to work or very quickly in a few steps while you are at work.

In any case, you have to have that one floss at hand – in your purse, desk … So take a few of them to have them in every place, including work. As you can read on dentysta.eu, bacteria found in the mouth can even lead to cancer if dental hygiene is not maintained regularly, so using floss is must.

4. Cover with paint

This is a little trick for brave ladies who like to wear brightly colored lipsticks. It is true that you cannot whiten or clean your teeth with this trick, but you can achieve such a visual effect. So, it is very important to choose a lipstick in the color of coral or bright red lipstick and you will make your teeth look whiter, while lighter shades emphasize the yellowness of the teeth.

So if you drank too much coffee one day and didn’t have time to brush your teeth after each one, you can fix it in one go. Just apply a good lipstick.

5. Chew the gum


This is another great way to keep your teeth fresh without the need for toothpaste and a toothbrush. Like thread, you should always have one sugar-free chewing gum and chew 30 minutes after a meal or beverage. They protect your teeth and give you fresher breath.

In addition, chewing gum helps you avoid annoying stomach acid that can bother you after something you ate that didn’t suit you. Chewing gums help you in another way, and that is the amount of saliva in your mouth. It increases due to chewing, and you get a cleaner mouth which, due to the greater secretion of saliva, is cleansed of various bacteria that attack your mouth.

Also, you will certainly feel better in the company of other people because you know you have fresh breath – especially if you have eaten something spicy before.

6. Drink plenty of water


We don’t even have to let you know how important it is to drink enough water during the day. Everyone knows that it is extremely important for our body. However, if you are not able to use all the above tricks, increase your water intake. No matter how much water you normally ingest, try to get more hydrated and get rid of leftovers from your mouth.

On the other hand, water is an excellent substitute for other unnecessary drinks such as sweet juices and others. This reduces the chances of developing bacteria in the mouth that lead to various diseases, stones, etc. Whatever workplace you are in, you can always have a bottle of water next to you, and this is simply the most accessible thing today, so you have the most practical solution in front of you.



Although everyone understands how important it is to maintain the freshness of the teeth all the time, sometimes each of us forgets if he is not at home or in a place where all his accessories are. We hope that with the help of the text we have helped you see how important it really is where you are, and that there are a number of tricks you can use even when you are not at home. We advise you to follow these tips if you want to keep a bright smile, try it and see for yourself.