When you are in a store, you may think you need something for your kitchen, but also to forget buying important things and appliances. No matter if you a beginner or a professional cooker, you need to have a fully functioning kitchen. Even for a soup or boiled eggs, you need proper cookware.

Or, maybe you are moving to a new apartment and you need to set your kitchen. Sometimes we buy and hoard a lot of gadgets that we won’t use ever in our life.

This is a guide that will help you to choose the items and appliances you actually need, so you won’t spend money on something that you’ll forget in a few weeks.

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1. Slow cooker


The slow cooker is also known as crock-pot. It looks like a pot and is used to cook on lower temperatures, for a couple of hours. You can prepare a lot of dishes using the slow cooker including stews, soups, meat, but also to bake bread and sponge cakes. You can place the ingredients following the recipe and set the timer and the coking the temperature. Follow the manual you get in the box when you buy the cooker.

2. Microwave oven

Let’s be real, we can’t live without a microwave oven. You can use it to cook some basic recipes, or to warm up the leftover food, without having to wait too long. It can be used for warming drinks and for preparing tea and coffee.

3. Toaster


We can’t imagine a kitchen with no toaster. It’s a compact electric appliance that is used to turn the bread slices into toast. The most popular are the pop-up toasters, but you can also look for toaster ovens or grill toasters, depending on your personal needs.

4. Barbecue grill


The charcoal grills offer the best taste, but if it’s impossible, you can use an electric grill, so you can cook perfect meat. You can also look for a combined type grill at Outdoor Cooking Pros, which you can use inside your home or place in your garden. You can make grilled meat and vegetables because we all know that it has a special taste, better than the oven-baked food. We’d recommend checking out this guide on table top BBQ’s from the guys at Perfectly Smoked.

5. Deep fryer


If you eat a lot of fried food, include chips and breaded food, you need a deep fryer. You need to use a lot of oil at a high temperature, so the food can be well done and crispy at the same time. But if you maintain a healthy lifestyle, the deep fryer is not for you, especially if you avoid oily food.

6. Air fryer

This is a healthier option than the deep fryer. It uses the airflow to fry the food without using oil. The hot air circulates between the food, making it crispy and fully cooked. You can cook French fries, mozzarella sticks, even fish and chicken, following the manual instructions. Some people say that the food prepared in the air fryer has even better taste than that cooked with a lot of oil.

7. Salad spinner


This is a mechanical gadget that contains a spinning mechanism, that helps you remove the water from the salad. As we all know, you need to wash the greens before you make them a salad, but the excess water can destroy the taste. Check 10bees.com for the best salad spinners in 2024. You can use it with greens like kale, spinach, and green lettuce.

8. Blender

This is a rotating appliance that is used to mix different ingredients into one compact mixture. It has a rotating blade that can help you to achieve a smooth texture of your smoothies and cream soups. You need to put more liquid ingredients or water so it can work properly.

9. Food processor

It works similar to the blender, even some brands have combined appliances with blender and food processor. This gadget will help you to chop, dice and slice the ingredients faster than using a knife. You can choose between electric food processors and manual ones, depending on your specific needs.

10. Stove and oven

You can’t cook a good dish if you don’t have a stove and oven. This is an appliance that every kitchen needs, no matter what. Every other gadget is useless if you don’t have a stove to cook the food.

11. Fridge

You need the fridge so you can store the fresh ingredients in there, but also to keep the leftover food long before it spoils. We can’t imagine a kitchen without a fridge and a freezer. Modern fridges combine these two features into one appliance, that fits every kitchen.

12. Rice cooker


With a good rice cooker, you will always have a bowl of great rice, without risks for it to get mushy and tasteless. You can also use it to cook quinoa, buckwheat, amaranth, and other healthy grains.

13. A good mixer

The mixer is important kitchen gear, that will help you make a dough and other mixtures that can be processed in a food processor or blender. They stir, whisk and beat, and are an essential part when you want to bake a cake or make a dough for a loaf of homemade bread.

14. Espresso machine

After you had a nice lunch, a cup of coffee will help you enjoy the afternoon with your family. Also, it makes you quick coffee in the mornings, to wake you up and start your day with a smile.

15. Dishwasher


This appliance will not help you cook something, but it will wash the dishes you used during the process. A lot of the gadgets mentioned above have parts that can be washed in the dishwasher. It easies your kitchen works a lot, and it works while you rest.

All of these appliances and gadgets will ease your cooking and will help you eat home-cooked food. If you want to stay healthy and save money, cook your food at home and avoid eating junk food. These appliances will cost you more money until you buy them and set your new kitchen, but in the long-term, they are a good investment for your health.